Hello Citizens!

Welcome to INN’s Translations page. Below you will find links to various other fan-run sites that translate CIG and INN news into a variety of different languages.

Check them out, and support them, because we’re all in this together, no matter the language we speak.


Check out StarCitizen.it, the largest community for Italian Star Citizen fans. Over on their Traduzioni page, they have a number of transcriptions, translating both CIG and INN content into Italian. They do excellent work, and were the first group to get in contact with INN about some form of translations page.

Or check out StarCitizenItalia.com, another large community for Italian Star Citizens!


For the French Star Citizen fans out there, we have UH Radio, a French Podcast that posts frequent summaries of Star Citizen news, from AtV and RtV to 10 for the Chairman.

Star Citizen Traduction

French Star Citizen fans can also keep themselves up to date with all the goings on at Cloud Imperium Games and INN by checking out the amazing translations by the team over at Star Citizen Traduction.


Tanmoe is a Chinese Star Citizen news site and one of INN’s sponsors.


Check out StarCitizenBase.de, a large Star Citizen news site and forum!


Check out StarCitizen.hu, a Hungarian Star Citizen news site!

Do you know of a foreign-language site we don’t have on our list? Contact David@ImperialNews.Network, and let us know!