Apr 24

Wolfpack Wednesday: High value cargo transport

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wednesday night game of high-value cargo acquisition and transport SITUATION Wolf Larsen has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Your job is to help him collect the evidence he needs and clear his name while keeping him alive before the time runs out! MISSION OVERVIEW This operation will be a game of transport, escort, & survive beginning […]

Dec 5

Wolfpack Wednesday: Family Feud

Daymar Moon

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wolfpack Wednesday Attack and Defend mission on the Daymar moon entitled OP Family Feud. Situation Two families of smugglers, the Wyatts and the Soto Brothers, are feuding over a TBD location on the Daymar Moon. The defenders will attempt to hold the location, while the attackers will, well, you know. Wolfpack Wednesday Mission […]