Jan 16

Wolfpack Wednesday: King of the Javelin Wreck

javelin wreck

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wednesday night king of the hill challenge in the vicinity of Port Olisar. SITUATION Recent intelligence reports indicate there is a wrecked Javelin on the surface of Daymar. Your team is the scout group of a major salvage company in the Stanton Sytems. Your mission is to find and secure the wreck site before your competitors […]

Jan 13

Freelancer MIS: Fear the Militiamen!!!

Freelancer MIS

I love history, because now and then it pulls some cool tricks that mess with our preconceptions on how things were supposed to go. So what if I said that sometimes premiere militaries for their time and place had been bested by ragtag bands of militias that had no real business doing so? Oddly enough […]

Dec 20

Community Spotlight: Versecast Episode 135a – Five Guys No Burger

Versecast Hero

I am super excited to have been a guest on the latest Versecast/Those Guys with Ships show! You can check out every episode of Versecast on our community website or just listen to this episode: Five Guys No Burger. The hosts of this week’s show was Gl33p, Jimi, Ace, and MadKow. On this episode, we discussed: […]