Jan 14

TGWS Presents: Ice Cold Magda

TGWS presents Ice Cold Magda A Team Battle Royal event on February 6th, 2021, at 6 PM UTC The Star Citizen organization, Those Guys with Ships (TGWS), is proud to announce Ice Cold Magda, a hardcore, team battle royal contest at HDMS Perlman on the Hurston moon Magda, Stanton System. Open to eight two-citizen teams […]

Jan 30

Wolfpack Wednesday: Crime & Punishment

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wednesday night game of fugitive transport, escort, & survive. SITUATION Wolf Larsen has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Your job is to help him collect the evidence he needs and clear his name while keeping him alive before the time runs out! MISSION OVERVIEW This operation will be a game of transport, escort, & […]

Jan 16

Wolfpack Wednesday: King of the Javelin Wreck

javelin wreck

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wednesday night king of the hill challenge in the vicinity of Port Olisar. SITUATION Recent intelligence reports indicate there is a wrecked Javelin on the surface of Daymar. Your team is the scout group of a major salvage company in the Stanton Sytems. Your mission is to find and secure the wreck site before your competitors […]

Dec 12

Wolfpack Wednesday: Clear out the Lorville Mines

Star Citizen Ships

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wolfpack Wednesday attack/defend FPS event on Hurston. We’ll be dividing into two teams and take turns defending the mine shaft southeast of Lorville. Situation Local mercenaries have taken over an abandoned mine shaft (Designated Waypoint Charlie)  66 kilometers southeast of Lorville. Your mission is to assault the shaft in force and ensure all […]

Dec 5

Wolfpack Wednesday: Family Feud

Daymar Moon

Join TGWS Wolfpack for a Wolfpack Wednesday Attack and Defend mission on the Daymar moon entitled OP Family Feud. Situation Two families of smugglers, the Wyatts and the Soto Brothers, are feuding over a TBD location on the Daymar Moon. The defenders will attempt to hold the location, while the attackers will, well, you know. Wolfpack Wednesday Mission […]

Nov 28

INNSide the Verse: TGWS Wolfpack

Wolf Larsen at the Drake Expo

Last night the TGWS Wolfpack had our first mission INNside the Verse and fun times were had by all, despite the fact that we invited the server to take us on and got repeatedly REKT in the vicinity of Grim Hex. You can watch the video, in all it’s glory, below. But that’s not what […]