Jul 7

Offensive Maneuvering

What is Offensive Maneuvering? The LIS team is back again this week with another academics segment! These tutorials give an in-depth discussion of the mechanics behind the maneuvers that you can learn and practice using the exercise videos. Although the academics are not needed to improve your dogfighting capabilities via the exercises, they do provide the […]

Jun 20

LIS Recommended Control Setups, Bindings, and Sensitivity Curves

Looking for advice on setting up your controls for Star Citizen? The team at LIS is here to help!   Star Citizen backers, you asked for it, and here it is – the answers to our two most common questions: “what control setup are you using?” and “what kind of bindings/sensitivity curves do you use?” […]

Jun 12

Queen of the Void

Samson woke to an iced-over helmet visor and a fire burning in her skull. Blinking hard against the frost, Samson reached up to clear the visor with her left hand.  Beneath the ribbed fabric of her suit’s glove, glittering white gave way to equally glittering black – the great empty sea of space yawned through […]

May 31

Space Combat Maneuvering 2

Star Citizen Space Combat Instructional

Introduction  Welcome to the part two of the Space Combat Maneuvering academics course! Today’s lesson will cover advanced space combat maneuvering mechanics in Star Citizen, particularly re-attacks and engaged maneuvering. As a reminder, these lessons take an in-depth look at the how and why the maneuvers shown in the exercise videos work; the exercise videos themselves then […]