Dec 13

Star Citizens: Where are you planning to live?

An image of the city Saisei in Centauri

My primary organization in Star Citizen is called Those Guys with Ships so I’m sure it will come as little surprised that I am absolutely obsessed with everything to do with spaceships. But, once having milked every ounce of feels out of the annual anniversary sale, it’s a huge relief to be reminded how much […]

Jan 3

Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Special Edition

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy

Transcripts Jared: Hello everybody and welcome to a special edition of the lower makers guide to the galaxy. Making Lore. I’m your host, community manager Jared Huckaby and with me today are the members of the CIG Lore team out of our Los Angeles office. Immediately to my right is lead writer Mr. Dave Haddock […]

Dec 14

Summary: Loremaker’s Guide to Cathcart

Loremaker's Guide to Cathcart

On this episode of the Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy lead writer, Dave Haddock shared the Cathcart System. This system, without any planets, became the home of Spider, one of the most dangerous locations in the known universe. Cathcart Fundamentals Officially discovered in 2438 by a fugitive named Adelaide Lorris She named the system after […]

Dec 9

Organization Spotlight: Republic of Lorell

Lorell hero banner

As part of INN’s ongoing evolution, we’re taking a deeper look at Star Citizen Organizations, one of the most important, emergent structures within the community. For our next Organization Spotlight, I’m very pleased to introduce our readers to the Republic of Lorell. The Republic of Lorell is presently a small, but growing, dedicated role-playing organization, punching way […]