Mar 21

Loremakers Guide to the Galaxy: Elysium

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy

Originally published on April 26, 2016 as a segment of Around the Verse #2.25: In our third episode, Writer William Weisbaum from the CIG Lore Team explores the Elysium System. LOREMAKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: ELYSIUM Hello and welcome to another edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I’m your host for today, Will Weissbaum, Senior Writer, […]

Mar 31

Around the ‘Verse: Episode 2.25

This post is a transcript of Around the ‘Verse: Episode 2.25, material that is the intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and it’s subsidiaries. INN is a Star Citizen fansite and is not officially affiliated with CIG, but we reprint their materials with permission as a service to the community. INN edits our transcripts for […]