Aug 1

All your Star Citizen News are belong to us

All Your base

In case you missed it, last night the Wolf Larsen fan club kicked off on /r/starcitizen. I gotta tell you, with the imagination and flair for drama my first stalker has, I only wish he or she would step out of the shadowy world of closet-masturbating, anonymous, online bullies and write some Star Citizen fan-fiction for […]

Jul 14

INN is proud to partner with Enjin!

INN on Enjin

INN is proud to officially announce our exclusive Enjin content partnership! Enjin has long been a strong supporter of Star Citizen organizations by adding features to their system to support our specific needs. When Kris Enjin contacted us about helping Star Citizen organizations get INN content in their org site, it was an easy decision! […]

Feb 24

Introducing: The Wonderful World of Star Citizen

Wonderful world of Star Citizen feature image

Well, Disco Lando is back…Now appearing as his real life persona, Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby is the host of a monthly series entitled ‘The Wonderful World of Star Citizen, sharing the best of Star Citizen community content in the ‘Verse. This month, Jared covered the following subjects in Episode 1: FiendishFeather (YT/CorpIncScience)… David Cooke […]