Feb 23

Around the Verse – Super Hornet & Multi-Region Servers

Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s Around the Verse Published on Feb 16, 2017, which focuses on the cloud architecture essential for multi-region servers and supporting Star Citizen’s vast size and array of options. Also, Phil Meller and Mici Oliver provide an update from our UK office. Around the Verse – Super Hornet […]

Dec 9

Reverse the Verse 2.16: Key Takeaways

On Reverse the Verse 2.16, Community Manager Tyler Witkin was joined by Animation Lead Bryan Brewer, andLead 3D Vehicle Artist, Chris Smith. Reverse the Verse is produced every week after Around the Verse and gives the community a chance to ask follow-up questions. Reverse the Verse: Key Takeaways INN’s notes on from Reverse the Verse 2.16 Bryan […]

Nov 12

Around The ‘Verse – Episode 2.07

This post is a transcript of Around The ‘Verse – Episode 2.07, material that is the intellectual property of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and it’s subsidiaries. INN is a Star Citizen fansite and is not officially affiliated with CIG, but we reprint their materials with permission as a service to the community. INN edits our […]