Aug 6

Ghost Story – Chapter 1

Hi INNers, special post today for fiction. We will be featuring the work of David “Duke” Lito today, an exciting multi-part submission. We hope you enjoy chapter 1. If you would like to submit your fiction work for feature please contact either myself at or Erris at

Aug 5


Peregrine is the story of an M50 Interceptor and a 13-year-old boy named James who is desperate to prove to his father that he can fly for real – not just in Arena Commander

Jul 3

Lords of the Horizon, Episode One

Lords of the Horizon, Episode One: In Which I Explode January 27, 2945 The first time I raced Old Vanderval, two women flashed me when I flew by their villa.  I don’t even remember what they looked like, just that they were in a hot tub.  I think they were waiting for me to fly […]

Jun 12

Queen of the Void

Samson woke to an iced-over helmet visor and a fire burning in her skull. Blinking hard against the frost, Samson reached up to clear the visor with her left hand.  Beneath the ribbed fabric of her suit’s glove, glittering white gave way to equally glittering black – the great empty sea of space yawned through […]