Aug 10

BRIMSTONE part 17: Zombie-13, Air Support is Inbound

Yeah we get pushed around by the bad guys: the criminals, the Vanduul, every slimeball in the ‘verse that wants to take away our property, our worlds, our freedom. We’re supposed to be the good guys, the compassionate ones. But some days you just gotta pull the covers off the gatling guns… and push back. […]

Jul 31

BRIMSTONE part 16: Hell of a break there, Doc

Throught all of history, few things have been prized as greatly as a good pub. That rule is no less true in space, where the distance between bars might be measured in light years. The Claddagh was the best working man’s gin-joint in Brimstone; nowhere near as fancy as Roxy’s but a damn sight better […]

Jul 10

BRIMSTONE part 14: Yeah, You Can Tell Him I Said That

They say time is money, but these days the real gold is information. Juicy data. Almost any secret can be uncovered if you know what database to hack, what email system to infiltrate. Some people call that criminal but as a professional hacker, Darius called it a solid business model.  

Jun 29

BRIMSTONE part 13: A Shadow in the Darkness

Assassins have crept through the dark hallways of history, a fact that will persist in the far-flung future. Technology won’t make us better, it will just make us better at what we do. With sleek powered armor and active camouflage, tomorrow’s elite paid killers will move like shadows in the darkness.  

Jun 8

BRIMSTONE part 11: No-Knock Warrant

In a grown-up game of Cops n Robbers, Bounty Hunters worked the fringes of the fight with one foot on either side of the law. Taking jobs that the cops didn’t want, using tactics the cops couldn’t use, Bounty Hunters were a part of the big circle of life. But every circle has a back […]

Jun 1

INN Fiction: It’s a Dangerous Business

Hey Indiegogo supporters, it is time for another installment of “It’s a Good Day to Die”… or not! We can’t thank our supporters enough and hope you enjoy this timely view of life on the fringe carving riches out of rocks. It is, to be sure, a dangerous business.

May 25

BRIMSTONE part 10: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Every thief  must have a buyer, someone not too picky about certificates of ownership. For those who pirate their way across space, a fence was an indispensible necessity; a connection to buyers with cash to spend. But the bigger the prize, the bigger the risk, with everything on the line.

May 11

BRIMSTONE part 9: Preacher, Prophet, Soldier, Spy

It is said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But sometimes the only way to unravel a horrific event is to re-live it, to open old scars. It is a path not into the light but into deep, abysmal darkness; to the burned-out grave of the Nek… and what […]

Apr 28

Hunted and Hunter, Part V

Hey INNers, another hosted fiction addition to Dragonfiremalus’ series, Hunted and Hunter. To get the most out of the piece it is recommended you read the previous parts.

Apr 27

BRIMSTONE part 8: Things We Leave Behind

Nobody will forget the night the skies over L1B burned, or all that was consumed in the maelstrom. But sometimes what is lost is not as horrific as what remains. Amid the melted cars, the ash, the charred bits of bone… are the things we leave behind.  

Apr 14

Ghost Story – Chapter 4

Today’s hosted fiction is by David “Duke” Lito. It is strongly recommended you read the first three chapters before this one, you will find the links below.

Apr 13

BRIMSTONE part 7: The Banu Send Their Regards

Wars blaze across entire star systems, while crimes – like the theft of ancient artifacts – can victimize entire worlds. But while fleets and armies are dispatched to resolve differences in battle, criminal matters are often handled at a more… personal level. These moments are often less about justice than they are about revenge. A […]

Mar 30

BRIMSTONE part 6: We Interrupt This Program

Tensions are running high as the fires of war spread from the Vanduul front lines to the streets of UEE, Banu and Xi’An homeworlds. As the resources of law and order are sucked increasingly into the war effort, intrepid journalists risk life and limb to beam video of crime and terror. It has become a […]

Mar 23

BRIMSTONE part 5: Edward Isn’t Here

While it may be all piracy and mayhem out in the black, it is mystery and murder that lurks the brothels and back alleys of Brimstone. The search to figure out what was in somebody’s head can take you to some pretty bizarre places. Even by Brimstone’s standards, few places in the ‘verse promise to […]