Jul 18

Star Citizen Alpha v1.1.5 LIVE on PTU!


That’s right, folks, the long-awaited v1.1.5 patch is upon us! Test fly the Merlin (or, if you are lucky, the Scythe), enjoy new changes to game mechanics ranging from maneuverability to hull strength to weapons, and see the fruits of CIG’s work on the backend by playing in 8v8 matches, benefiting from the new General Instance […]

Jun 19

Scythe Q&A


Greetings Citizens, CIG has just released a Q&A about the Scythe answering many questions that they have collected from the forum. Check it out here! 

Feb 24

Favorite Star Citizen Music

Star Citizen Music

While searching for music to use for the intro of INNSide the ‘Verse, the new INN Podcast, I discovered there is an amazing repository of the original compositions already being used for Star Citizen on Sound Cloud, as well as a lot of ‘fan music’, inspired by the franchise. Since I’m the kind of obsessed […]