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Nicknamed the Mistress of Fiction by our very own Nehkara, she drifts through a universe of words, throwing those words into paragraphs that eventually turn into a story.

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Feb 14

Big Game

Hey INNers, another Indiegogo fiction piece written by Marksman, featuring Agent Mothman, Lucius Quest and Rob Dacook. Enjoy!

Jan 27


Hey INNers, check out Marksman’s new series: Brimstone is an industrial arcology on the in-game world of Leir-1. A colony of roughnecks on the front line of Vanduul space, Brimstone suffered a horrific and mysterious tragedy. If you imagine the bastard child of Detroit and Stalingrad, then add a dash of Hiroshima, you will get […]

Dec 16


Star Citizen Reclaimer

Hey INNers, here is the first fiction piece written by our new INN staff writer, Marksman. I hope you’ll welcome him warmly and enjoy his first entry to our fiction offerings. Keep your eyes open for future postings by Marksman himself.

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