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Recreational pilot, amateur lover of history, and admirer of Star Citizen. When not in Star Citizen, looking for a good fight, I enjoy sharing my perspective on the game for TGWS. But mostly just a guy who wants to make the game just a tiny bit better for the best damn community I've ever been a part of.

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Mar 27

The Poster Child of Star Citizen

Constellation Aquila

What do you think of when someone says the phrase “poster child”? I think most of us, especially the younger you are, will usually think of a person who is used in marketing to be the face of a cause or perhaps that person is a representation of quality or cause. While that is not […]

Jan 13

Freelancer MIS: Fear the Militiamen!!!

Freelancer MIS

I love history, because now and then it pulls some cool tricks that mess with our preconceptions on how things were supposed to go. So what if I said that sometimes premiere militaries for their time and place had been bested by ragtag bands of militias that had no real business doing so? Oddly enough […]

Feb 21

The Measure of a Space Man – Part 1

How do you measure success? How does someone judge that they are content with their circumstances? And what does one do with that success or circumstances? By the way, for everyone involved in Star Citizen, these are not rhetorical questions. In fact, it is not even a cliche “million-dollar” question(s); they are $140 million dollar […]

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