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Star Citizens: Where are you planning to live?

An image of the city Saisei in Centauri

My primary organization in Star Citizen is called Those Guys with Ships so I’m sure it will come as little surprised that I am absolutely obsessed with everything to do with spaceships. But, once having milked every ounce of feels out of the annual anniversary sale, it’s a huge relief to be reminded how much other content and lore has been created for Star Citizens to dream about.

Right now my favorite pastime is related to one of my recent ship purchases: The Pioneer.  Well that, and everything I will be able to do with the ship and my additional land claims when it’s available and we’re not all trapped in Stanton for, well, reasons. With tools like the ARK Starmap and issues of Galactic Guide in the News Updates, there’s nothing stopping me from beginning the process selecting my future home in the verse. So sit back, relax, and imagine it’s the year 2950 and the jump point blockade has ended. As the captain of a Pioneer you can live almost anywhere inside the ‘Verse…

So, where do you want to live inside the ‘verse?

When I think about this question what I’m really thinking about is where does Wolf Larsen want to live? And while we’re on the topic, I’m seriously considering two paths in Star Citizen, each requiring a separate character.

First and primarily, I’m Wolf Larsen, the elder space whale, owner of INN and other industrial concerns -as well as too many ships. Second, another yet to be named character, who will come up the hard way, much the same as I did IRL, experiencing the ‘Verse starting out with nothing more than a starter ship and the determination to be rich.

This duality will give me the opportunity to be Wolf Larsen, with all the privileges I’ve earned by supporting the development of the game and the community around it, and experience what it would have been like to become Wolf Larsen inside the ‘Verse, had I done so the old-fashioned way, like so many games before Star Citizen.

But I digress. Being a wealthy industrialist who is spending an early retirement as an explorer, Wolf Larsen Senior will likely have a couple of homes. One where it’s easy to relax and unwind, and one where it’s easy to base a vibrant exploration operation. My other character will probably start somewhere simple, like Hurston or some other location in Stanton where there are lots of opportunities to make money and climb the entrepreneurial ladder.

For the purposes of this article, I’ve selected a few of my favorites but I’m really much more interested in knowing where you dream of living inside the ‘verse so share some comments!

Now, as Wolf Larsen (Senior) inside the ‘Verse…


Located in the Centauri system, Saisei (Centauri III) or ‘Festival planet’ in Japanese, is a richly terraformed and beautiful environment, designed for people to live in harmony with nature. Sasei is known to be lush, expensive, and the population is limited to ensure continued balance with the ecosystem. When it comes to where I’d like to live when I’m not working, these are all things I like the sound of.

When I think about Saisei what I’m really imagining is the possibility of having an apartment in the city and a homestead somewhere else on the planet where it’s really quiet. Check out the Saisei section of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Centauri System:

Bacchus II

If and when the Banu allow UEE Citizens to live on a Banu world, Bacchus II sounds like heaven to me. Described as “the quintessential Banu world” and made up of “thousands of archipelagos and islands across a vast ocean planet”. Sign me up. First of all, I love the Banu Souli way of life. My origins on earth were rocky and the family I’ve chosen among friends has been more meaningful to me than my family of origin as long as I can remember. The idea of a whole society structured around extra-familial organizations is very appealing.

Check out this guide for more information on life among the Banu: The UEE Guide for Visiting the Banu Protectorate.

Min 1b

An interesting alternative for my industrial den of inequity is Min 1b, the habitable moon of the bizarre Min system. Incredibly rate, Min is a rogue planet system with a hot Jupiter instead of a star at its center. Min 1b is a cold but habitable moon in an unpopular but accessible system which is centrally located and has two jump points. Sounds perfect for housing an industrial fleet below the radar.

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