Nov 28

INNSide the Verse: TGWS Wolfpack

Wolf Larsen at the Drake Expo

Last night the TGWS Wolfpack had our first mission INNside the Verse and fun times were had by all, despite the fact that we invited the server to take us on and got repeatedly REKT in the vicinity of Grim Hex. You can watch the video, in all it’s glory, below. But that’s not what prompted me to dust off INN and write another post. Thanks to everyone who participated in the OP, and especially to fellow TGWS member Amontillado for streaming on his Twitch Channel.

I’ve got deeper thoughts on Star Citizen to share, particularly when it comes to group operations and multiplayer ships. For now, I just want to tip my hat to CIG. 3.3.6 is an incredible achievement with a ton of new content, features, and quality of life improvements. It’s nice to come back to the game and see so many new faces and old (literally! You can see faces in the game) having so much fun. The Anniversary Sale has been a blast and a sensational demonstration of what life is and will be like in the ‘verse.

The old excitement is coming back. The Base Friday night show is back. Keep smiling citizens! I think it’s all downhill from here. A long downhill to be sure, but downhill. A big shout out to all those who’ve kept the faith.

-Wolf Larsen


TGWS Wolfpack: Operation Clean Sweep
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  1. MadKow

    Wolf! Glad to see you back at the INN content production! I missed the little blurbs in my email.

    I was dabbling with the same idea for my exploits in the verse. Mainly in that, as a primary fps guy, I would imagine I may not live too long as any single incarnation of a character. Regardless of the number of robot toes and fingers they weld on to replace the ones I shot off on accident when holstering my weapons.

    Time will tell and who knows where I might start. Assuming we are given the option. To that point, do you think we might be playing the same character from Squadron 42 in the PU? If so, that may have to be my main (long lived) one, despite the military service already in the character history. Unfortunately I can’t remember what they have said in the past about characters carrying over from SQ42.

    Also, awesome seeing you randomly in the PU last week! I need to come hang out more with all The Guys again now that work seems to be slowing down some.

    Keep up the good work! And I look forward to getting into some Arma-like antics with you in the verse in the future.

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