Apr 26

Introducing the UEE Advocacy Office of the Ship Registry

UEE Ship Registry

Behind the scenes, the INN publishing team, with help from testers at Those Guys with Ships and The Republic of Lorell, recently developed a brand new tool for the community and we’re ready to share it! Introducing the UEE Ship Registry website, allowing members of the Star Citizen community to finally name all the ships in their hangar with a single system of record.

With the UEE Ship Registry, you can search for ships which have already been named using a detailed, advanced search feature. You can also see who registered ships, where they are primarily registered, what kind of ship it is, and what it’s being used for. Of course, y

Of course, you can also register your fleet and come back later to log in and add more ships or edit your existing fleet as needed.

Check out the UEE Ship Registry Today!


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  1. Ronbocop

    Nice, because I would love to have “boat names” on ships (which this could be driven by – after being approved as “appropriate naming”, but I would hardly think that the more nefarious types would list their ships “for looting, pillaging and slaving purposes only”

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