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Streamer Spotlight: Tirent_Longstar

Streamer Spotlight Tirent_Longstar

INN’s much-anticipated streamer spotlight series continues with Tirent_Longstar (Tirent). This in-depth spotlight article series seeks to (re)introduce unknown, not so well know, and very well known streamers – people passionate about sharing Star Citizen and other games while building better communities – to our audience. Enjoy!Tirent Twitter

For this spotlight, I had a chance to speak with Tirent_Longstar who has been streaming Star Citizen, and many other games, since 2015. Tirent strives to offer a good, entertaining time for regular visitors and new people alike. What sets Tirent and his channel apart from other streamers, depending on the game or occasion, is there may be costumes and/or props!

Interview ~ Streaming

When do you typically stream throughout the week? 

Any day I can turn on my computer, I try to stream. If I was able, I’d stream seven days a week. This is a goal to which I am striving.

Why did you decide to start streaming?

I started streaming for entertainment purposes. I want to entertain others and provide a good time. I want to share the gaming fun I am having and meet new people who love gaming . Helping others find community is the goal and having others in the channel motivates me and inspires me.

What do you enjoy most about streaming?

I enjoy capturing and sharing the true happiness of gaming on camera as it happens as well as the moments of failure and frustration.

When you stream, what type of engagement or atmosphere does Tirent_Longstar try to express/maintain?

Again, it is really all about the entertainmentTirent IRL. I try to keep things very positive and relaxed. I try to facilitate a very interactive, fun community. We are all witnessing the roller coaster of excitement with the joys of accomplishment and the frustrations of failure in whatever game I am playing. We laugh and I try again.

Are you satisfied with your streaming? What else would you like to do?

I hope all who follow me enjoy what and how I do things. I am pretty satisfied with it, but I always try to up the entertainment factor where I can. I am not afraid to dress up a bit or bring in some props to add to the fun. I do want to form a larger following and stream more often, so I can build awareness about the games I like to play and share my experiences as I venture into new ones. I want to provide more giveaways too.

In addition to being a Star Citizen streamer, what other games do you like to stream?

I enjoy streaming Warthunder, various Steam early access games (Check them out before you buy!) and several MMO and/or FPS games. Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Revelation Online and GR:Wildlands. I even play the occasional console game too.

Tirent Dossier

Interview ~ Star Citizen

What is your main organization or affiliated organizations in Star Citizen?

I am a member of CINDER.

What role(s) in Star Citizen are you interested in most? (ie. Exploration, Fighter Pilot, Space Trucker …)

I’m not 100% sure yet. I have some ideas, but I’d rather not say. I think my path will find me.

What drew you to Star Citizen and for what are you most hopeful?

The community and the many possibility of and in the game. We have needed a game like this for a long time. Speaking of seeking and supporting community, I signed up on INN’s Crew Connector as Tirent.

What is your current favorite ship, armor set, weapon, load out and/or game mode?

Tirent PolarisSo far, I am a big fan of the Banu Merchant. I like its style and story, but I am not planning on using it as a Merchant ship if that is possible. It is still in concept, so I am not sure how modular or adaptable it is to other functions. I typically take a more militaristic approach to things and I see potential with that craft. All that being said, I am REALLY looking at the Polaris. Wow! I’m a huge fan of naval combat and this baby — on all sides — has me in its sights.

Interview ~ Final Thoughts

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I play tabletop war games like Dust and Warhammer 40k. I enjoy painting models and I like to fish.

What else would you like to share?

Join me on my twitch and have a chat :) I’m pretty active on CINDER’s discord channel, but feel free to look me as a friend — Tirent000#6599.

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Note: Streamer spotlights are for informational (maybe inspirational) purposes and should not be considered endorsements by the author or INN. We hope you enjoy learning (more) about this streamer and that you might follow and watch them.

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