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Streamer Spotlight: BristolBoy88

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Welcome back to another Streamer Spotlight! This article series seeks to (re)introduce unknown, not so well know, and very well known streamers like BristolBoy88 – people passionate about sharing Star Citizen – to our audience. These articles are not official ‘endorsements,’ but I hope you enjoy learning (more) about the streamers and their streaming efforts. You might even decide to give them a follow.BristolBoy Bromance

For this spotlight, I had a chance to speak with BristolBoy88 who has been streaming Star Citizen, and a few other games, since August 2015. Based in Manchester, UK, BristolBoy offers a fun, entertaining and conversational experience. A great thing to note about following BristolBoy is that he is not all about self-promotion (although I’m pretty sure you can buy a t-shirt of him!). When watching his stream, you may also get to see other streamers (like GrittSpitter) in game. These types of ‘crossover’ events among these streamer friends really help in #BuildingBetterCommunities.

Interview ~ Streaming

When do you typically stream throughout the week? 

I mostly stream weekdays, Monday through Friday, starting at 12pm GMT (7am EST) and onward from there. I typically stream for six or seven hours — maybe longer depending on what shenanigans are happening. I mainly focus on Star Citizen, but I do check out other games. If there are any changes, I usually announce when and what those are on Twitter or in my Discord channel. Also, those are great ways to stay in touch with me too so we can maybe play together.

Why did you decide to start streaming?

Well, my reasons for streaming or starting to stream are pretty simple. I just wanted to have fun and interact with other people who are passionate about Star Citizen. Why not?

What do you enjoy most about streaming?

Pretty much the same thing as above. I enjoy the interaction with and having fun with people from all around the world.

When you stream, what type of engagement or atmosphere you do you try to express/maintain?

IBristolBoy just want people to have fun. Whether you are laughing with me or at me … I don’t really care, right, as long as your having fun!! I love having conversations with people from all around the world and hearing other peoples perspectives about Star Citizen or whatever topic we ramble onto.

Are you satisfied with your streaming? What else would you like to do?

I am pretty satisfied with my streaming but I would like use it more to spread the awareness of Depression and other Mental Health issues. I just want to do that in general. I’ve had my ups and downs with these things, but having such a supportive community within Star Citizen really means a lot and helps, so I want to try to help others.

In addition to being a Star Citizen streamer, what other games do you like to stream?

While I am mostly interested in streaming Star Citizen, sometimes there is a dry spell of new content and features, so I might stream something else like Conan Exiles, H1Z1:KotK, Rocket League, and most recently Helion.

BristolBoy dossier

Interview ~ Star Citizen

What is your main organization or affiliated organizations in Star Citizen?

I am a member of Test Squadron, The Base, and Star Citizen UK.

What role(s) in Star Citizen are you interested in most? (ie. Exploration, Fighter Pilot, Space Trucker …)

I am really, really looking forward to salvaging with my Reclaimer. The Reclaimer looks amazing. I am also looking forward to being a capital chip captain and/or helping to manage a capital ship’s functioning.

What drew you to Star Citizen and for what are you most hopeful?

The community! #BuildingBetterCommunities (and) The depth of the game! The size and scope of what is reality now and what is anticipated/promised is mind blowing! I can’t wait until all these pieces of the puzzle come together!

What is your current favorite ship, armor set, weapon, load out and/or game mode?

The Reclaimer! Seriously. I cannot wait to get my hands on that ship! I think loadouts are a tough one to determine now because the development team change and re-balanced everything from time to time. Consider this a *free* BB88 Pro Tip: Stick to Stock Loadouts! As for me favorite game mode, it is definitely hanging around the Persistent Universe (PU) in Crusader with friends. A very close second favorite game mode is Star Marine!!

Interview ~ Final Thoughts

What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love watching other Star Citizen streamers on Twitch. If I am not streaming, then I’m more than likely watching other people stream. It’s all about the community.

What else would you like to share?

I want to mention, again, the idea of spreading awareness of Depression and other Mental Health issues. Having a supportive community within Star Citizen really means a lot and has helped me, so be aware of these issues and how you can help someone by being supportive.

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