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SCCL Squadron Battle Tournament Announced

The Star Citizen Competitive League hosted the first-ever Star Marine tournament just weeks after the launch of 2.6 and it was a huge success! To celebrate the launch of 2.6.1 SCCL is now hosting an Arena Commander tournament! Time to grab your friends, create or join a team, and get out there to prove who *really* rules the expanse of space.
The Squadron Battle Tournament is taking place on Saturday, March 11th at 11 AM US Central (5pm UTC). Judges and Team Captains will be expected to show up an hour early with kick off rounds beginning as soon as possible.
You are also required to log into the SCCL Discord in order to participate and get updates:
Format: Both brackets will be played to the best two out of three rounds. Single elimination, with a match between the Terra League Winners and the Earth League Winners at the end. Prizes will got to both league winners as well as a special door prize to be announced soon.

Official Rules:

Both brackets will consist of teams of five.
Missiles will not be allowed.
Terra League: For lightweight ships and civilian armaments only. Allowed ships are:
  • RSI Aurora – All variants.
  • CO Mustang – All variants
  • Origin 300 series – All variants
  • Origin M50
  • Origin 85X
  • Aegis Avenger – All variants
  • MISC Reliant
  • Xi’an Khartu-al Scout
  • P52 Merlin
  • Drake Herald
Earth League: Open to all ships flyable in Arena Commander. No restrictions to ship hull or equipment
Make sure you pick the right league, as bringing any ship not on the whitelist to a Terra match will result in an immediate forfeit.
Interested? Great! Sign up your team here:

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