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Organization Spotlight: LAMP


Greeting readers! It’s time for another in depth organization spotlight. For this piece, I illuminate L.A.M.P (Loose Association of Mercenaries & Privateers) for you. LAMP was founded on “LAMP Day,” the 19th of November 2942, and is a worldwide organization. I appreciate eXec‘s time and enlightening effort answering my question making this article possible. LAMP is a longtime Star Citizen organization with a rich history and philosophy. Enjoy!

Origin of (the) LAMP

The first thing that you need to learn about this organization concerns its name. Knowing that origin story truly sets the stage to better understand their atmosphere of community, engagement, and fun. Simply put, LAMP began as a Star Citizen insider joke. Here is the story:

LAMP LogoDuring the first Star Citizen community live stream, way back in 2942, an IKEA lamp was placed in front of the streaming camera with a ‘back soon’ note attached to it. Sleep deprived players began hailing lamp as a god, self-named prophets began interpreting it’s will, and some hours later it was given its own camera and new notes posted on it. Thus a meme (and in game faith) was born.

For hundreds of dedicated players, LAMP is now more than just a meme. It provides a common symbol for a thriving Star Citizen organization. This symbol intrinsically binds all members – new and old – to the creation of this game. That heritage and history provides an important anchor for less serious joking and meme creating as well as a theological foundation for the group’s role players, the Cult of Light. The lamp is a guild mascot, an endless supply of ship names, a battle cry, and the iconic imagery for the organization. It is a very malleable thing. You can ignore it or overly-embrace it. That is what makes “the lamp” so great. It is as you wish it to be or how the LAMP wishes it for you — depending on your preference.

The Light of LAMPLAMP Poster

The chief purpose of this loose association of players is to provide in-game activities for every play style and level of engagement. It’s a pretty simple approach. LAMP welcomes pilots of every skill and dedication level. Lone wolves, squadron fanatics, capital battle-group wannabes, industrialists, explorers, and pirates are all welcome. As a ‘loose association” organization, this group seeks to provide players an array of fun, social activities without the stifling demands of hierarchical importance or chains of command. This is a fundamental organizing principle for the organization along with “don’t be a dick.” LAMP is friendly to role-players, but it is not a requirement. Members are free to embrace or ignore the Cult of Light. You can use it as a backdrop for your character’s story, create a different narrative or not have a backstory at all and just like to shoot things.

The Leadership of LAMP

This organization has a refreshing philosophy on activity, leadership, and participation. It values community first encouraging members to get to know each other. Across many time zones and amid a great variety of interests, members who step up with an idea to positively engage the community, are celebrated and allowed to flourish. LAMP eschews all the pretend-military/corporation rank dynamics that define and create drama in other organizations. All organization activities in LAMP are and shall remain voluntary, un-coerced and grassroots-organized. Being an organization of over 1,500 players provides an opportunity for everyone to find their proper fit under the light of LAMP. There are always people around who want to team up, but those who want to be a lone wolf are never penalized.

In LAMP, members are the fundamental guiding factor for the LAMp GamesCom16organization, not the “guild leader.” Such an approach might be refreshing to more seasoned, veteran MMO players. There are squads and divisions. They exist simply to help members find other like-minded players so they can do what they like to do. No one will ever be cannon fodder for a disengaged and distant leadership. Command is not something that’s bestowed upon anyone by an elite, bureaucratic, and nepotistic hierarchy. Command is something any member can earn by being good at it. It can also be lost if someone becomes power-crazed, lazy, and/or pushy. If you are known for being a nice, competent person, then people will want to sign up for the activities you host.  As an even greater compliment, other squad leaders will want you as a wingman for their endeavors. In LAMP, the ‘guild leaders’ try to keep organizational structure strong, provide a common theme and direction, and ensure conflicts of interests are avoided on the diplomatic stage. Beyond these few things, the how, when, where and what of activity is up to members.

The Love of LAMP

LAMP CoverLAMP was founded purely in the context of Star Citizen and remains very focused and passionate about supporting and having fun in that game. However, many other multiplayer games are being played. The active membership of this gaming community provides its wide player base many opportunities to game together as a community. Are you interested in learning more about or possibly joining LAMP? Are you seeking a large group of players where attitude is more important than any one person’s preferred play style? Are you willing and able to be gracious to new players, humble in victory, noble in defeat, respectful to your adversaries, and helpful to strangers and org-mates alike? If so, then you’ll fit right in. Consider checking out ISNN’s interview of known drunkard and knave Dread Pirate Pete to learn more about the organization’s philosophy. If you have anymore questions about LAMP, consider using their contact form and reaching out. Check out the video and links below. Good luck!

The Links of LAMP

RSI Organization Page (Apply/Register Here First)
Official Website (Apply/Register with RSI Handle)
Discord Channel
Contact Form
ISNN interview

Note: Organization spotlights are for informational (maybe inspirational) purposes and should not be considered endorsements by the author or INN.

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