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INNside the ‘Verse: Ships, Goss, and a missing Doctor

INNside the 'Verse

This week on INNside the ‘Verse, we share an exclusive peek at what’s going on at the Concierge Club, highlight a newly discovered faith group on Goss, and file a missing person report from The Republic of Lorell. All this and more is happening INNside the ‘Verse.

INNside the ‘Verse is a periodic reporting of news from inside the Star Citizen Universe. Unlike INN’s traditional coverage of the development of the game and CIG, INNside the ‘Verse is principally focused on the people and events in fiction, whether that’s from direct observation in the game or conversations on org-run communications platforms such as Enjin Discord, and Spectrum.   

INNside the ‘Verse – Wednesday, March 1, 2947

Filed by Wolf Larsen

At the Concierge Club

Earlier today I stopped in at the swanky Area18 location of the exclusive Concierge Club to get a feel for what’s going on with the .01% around Crusader. Unsurprisingly, anxiety about the status of purchased starships is not the sole preoccupation of the working class, and conversation trended towards what we can expect as the current embargo on travel outside of the area around Stanton III begins to loosen up.

Sir Quentin Reginald Watson, the publisher of The Monocle Times, has created a new ship release tracking database and he has opened it to the general public. I spoke with Sir Quentin personally, and he shared that his goal is to crowdsource the accuracy of the information it contains and help others understand when that ship they are waiting for is going to be ready.

The current version is based on the schedule for the version to ship mapping which we know is incorrect but it is the best we have. -Sir Quentin Reginald Watson

In spite of the interest in taking delivery on their luxury fleets, the .01% is particularly supportive of the time it takes to get things done right. The sentiment is ‘better to get things done right than to get them done in a hurry.’

New Faith Discovered on Goss

Over the weekend INN finally received a communication from the daring Agent M, an unnamed INN source who was able to slip past the UEE blockade last month. Some may remember the brief fireworks display at the entrance to the local jump point on February 1st, which was Agent M’s INN Mako Herodotus, taking fire from Advocacy Agents before she escaped. She managed to touch down somewhere in the Goss System and is seeking repair to her damaged vessel while convalescing from injuries resulting from the Advocacy attack.

After her emergency landing, Agent M was taken in by a local witch doctor named Zin, representing the Ku’ Lin Nation. She reports that the Ku’ Lin are a peaceful race of shamanistic, naturalist people and indigenous to the planet, or at least, believe they are. Due to the nature of her means of communication, the message was short, but Agent M plans to share more information about the Ku’ Lin as soon as she’s able.

Doctor held for questioning on the RLNS Sarpedon

While visiting with officials on the RLNS Sarpedon to get an update on the Tavik Cup competitions this morning, I stumbled upon the arrest of one Dr. Alexander,  member of the Lorell Republic Navy’s psych evaluation department. Sources within the administration tell me Dr. Alexander is safe and being held for questioning in connection to leaks of confidential information obtained while in the course of performing the responsibilities of his profession. Sources tell us Dr. Alexander recently developed an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with senior members of the Lorell Naval command structure.

Although Republic Navy officials would offer no comment on potential charges, sources close to the investigation tell me Dr. Alexander could face official reprimand with regards to ethics violations which could mean the revocation of his license to practice medicine. At the worst, he may face charges of espionage.

Dr. Alexander is being held for questioning. We have no comment with relation to potential charges at this time. -CAPT Syn Cerberus, CAG

Other sources close to Dr. Alexander tell me he’s been experiencing problems at home and has become a regular on the Off Chance, a Banu gambling barge that can always be found in close proximity to the larger military and merchant ships in the Crusader system. Some may remember the Off Chance from our report on the Xi ‘An sex-slave trade. Because of their status as alien vessels, unregistered ships like the Off Chance have been known to become floating red light districts, catering to the needs of enlisted men and women and hard working miners.

We’ll update you if any further news on Dr. Alexander’s mental health becomes available. In the meantime, Lorell charities are making preparations to raise funds for the well-being of his wife and children.

Meanwhile, the Tavik Cup, named after the Republic of Lorell founder and Fleet Admiral, Wesley Tavik, continues in Lorell. Apparently, the prize pool recently increased significantly, thanks to a generous donation of ENS Velarius. The Tavik Cup is a multi-discipline contest designed to challenge citizens of Lorell in all the aspects of life that are needed to excel in the ‘Verse. Events are held each Saturday over a period of weeks with points being awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

This has been another edition of INNside the ‘Verse. Please visit our sponsors at Starship Crew Connector and don’t forget to register your ships with the UEE Advocacy.

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