Feb 14

Map of Yela Discovered

This morning the Benny’s machine on the hab deck at Port Olisar stole my credits again, which always happens when I’m running late for something. This morning it was civilian fighter pilot training around Yela with ace-pilot and INN contributor, Paladin Dietrich.

Anyhow, while tilting the noodle dispenser back and forth, I noticed a holo-pad tucked underneath. Fortunately, my angry abuse of the vending machine did not damage the device beneath. It contained one document, this map of the space around the Crusader Moon, Yela:

The Moon Yela
Finally! The location of Benny Henge has been mapped.

I quickly contacted the owner, Elijah Rockseeker, of the United Empire Mining Corporation, and he admitted he had lost his pad just yesterday while departing for his next surveying mission. He and I have agreed to meet when he returns so I can learn more about UEMC and return his holo-pad.

In the meantime, he’s authorized me to share this handy map, since it contains information which is already publicly available. I’m personally looking forward to finally finding Benny-Henge, so I may exact more revenge on these maddening machines (and take a selfie).

Reporting from Port Olisar in the Crusader System, I’m Wolf Larsen. See you INN the ‘Verse, citizens!




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  1. Luis Haase

    Hmmm. This map is cool. Lucky me, when arriving from ICC Probe, it is easy for me to find GrimHex. Once learned the route in 2.5, it helps a lot in 2.6… But I haven’t heard about the anomaly and haven’t found Benny henge yet… probably it would be helpful, too, knowing where I arrive at Yala, when comming from the ICC… hmmm.

  2. Bantam

    To whoever could be interested … the author will soon be interview in my travel blog.

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