Jan 19

Star Hangar Buyers Guide: The Retaliator

Time to come clean about something: I am a degenerate ship junky. It’s easier to describe my hangar by what I don’t have than what I do. I belong to an org called “Those Guys with Ships”, where we routinely gather to obsessively discuss ships. It’s not unusual to find us in TeamSpeak analyzing every detail of their design and sharing strategies for acquiring them all.

That’s why I got pretty excited when my friends over at The Damn Shames tipped me off to a new video they produced for the team over at Star Hangar, highlighting one ship I don’t own: The Retaliator.

For this video, the creative team eschewed the standard, narrated walk-through with camera work and editing being an after-thought or worse. Instead, it is more like the type of thing you’d expect to see come out of a luxury car company. It pays a lot of attention to all the sexy details of the ship.

Star Hangar is a ship reseller in the Star Citizen universe and they are working really hard to bring order to the aftermarket. They are also building up a tremendous library of information about the ships they offer so prospective captains know what they’re purchasing, with the help of The Damn Shames creative production team.

Star Hangar Buyer’s Guide

Check out this highlight on the Retaliator and then check out their accompanying ship buyer’s guide, also produced by the team at The Damn Shames. It’s filled with tons of information and beautiful images of the ship.

Got a suggestion for a ship you’d like to see profiled by Star Hangar? Contact us, I’m sure I can set up an introduction with the team.

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