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SCCL Star Marine Tournament Announced

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With the live release of Star Citizen version 2.6, some joyous fanfare has returned to the ‘Verse. Truth be told, this surge tends to happen after every release, but 2.6 brought some milestone accomplishments that should – I hope – keep the fervor going until version 3.0.

One major feature release, Star Marine, is the long-awaited first person shooter add-on to the game. It brings playable content for which scores of backers have been clamoring, especially Tirent who had the idea and a vision for a Star Citizen Competitive League (SCCL). Their very first event is a Star Marine 2.6 Tournament, happening this Saturday, January 7th at 2PM Eastern.

The First Event

I spoke with Tirent to learn a little more about the motivation behind his idea, how it all came about, and whether or not his expectations have been met so far.

Gyun: First, let’s get the promotional details about the event shared so everyone can know and watch. What is happening and where?

Tirent: The SCCL Star Marine Tournament will be this Saturday, January 7 starting at 2PM EST. You can see the current teams and bracket HERE. I will be streaming the event live on my Twitch channel and sharing information on Twitter

Gyun: Why were you interested in hosting an event like this?

Tirent: I’ve always enjoyed the competitive games out there, from CSGO to Arena’s in WoW — nothing gets my heart pumping more. Passion is what drives me, I have a lot of my heart and soul into Star Citizen and I believe it can be competitive and it deserves a competitive community. Right now, even in its current state, you can see the (early) milestones of what is needed for a competitive community. Star Marine is the first focus for the Star Citizen Competitive League (SCCL), but with Racing and Squadron Battles already playable will soon expand to include those modes as well.

Gyun: What were your first steps in getting the SCCL going?

Tirent: It started off with just me by myself with an idea, and it’s something  I wanted to see. As the needs came into focus, I pitched the idea to my Star Citizen Organization, CINDER, and they wanted to help.

Thanks for the SupportCINDER-Banner

Gyun: Anyone in particular help make this happen?

Tirent: Right. Well, I’ve had a lot of help from CINDER members, but I would like to note a few. Tex PosionTaco, Johnny-Wilco, Rhymerc, and Cyklo have helped me a ton with setup of discord and management of teams. I’d also like to give a huge shout out to [TGW] Crow for making made the SCCL banners and logos.

Gyun: Again, the first tournament will start this coming Saturday, January 7 at 2PM EST. Has the response from the community met or exceeded your expectations?

Tirent: At first, I was only thinking about getting 20 or so teams — if I was lucky. Right now, we have tripled that estimate and have over 60 teams signed up.

Giveaways and Prizes

Gyun: The Star Citizen community loves giveaways and prizes. Will there be any associated with the tournament?

Tirent: I pulled together my own cash to put up for the 100$ prize pool. Imperial News Network (INN) is an event sponsor and offering a Mustang Delta giveaway. I am sure more information will be shared about that soon. I have been trying to see if CIG would like to hand out some REC or something to make the prize pool a little bigger. I have not heard back yet, but there is always next time.

Gyun: You mentioned next time. What is next?

Tirent: We plan on doing an Arena Commander Tournament of some kind next. More info will be posted soon.

SCCL Promo Video

Up to date information on their future events can be located on the SCCL Discord Channel

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