Jan 7

SCCL Star Marine Tournament off to a Great Start


Due to overwhelming interest, SCCL Star Marine 4v4 tournament organizers and competitors made the unanimous decision to start match play early on Friday night. The preliminary matchups were completely voluntary and included spectacular performances by a few early leaders including Paintball Wizards, lead by Jumbify and Angels of the Warp, lead by Nelerath.

Paragon Industries get’s a big hat’s off for their showing as well, after fielding two teams who faced off in round 1. Team A came out of this first match the victor, but each has more opportunities today to go on to glory, thanks to the double elimination rule.

In terms of organization, the competition got off to a smooth start after a 30-minute briefing to go over rules and logistics. Tirent’s commentating on the main Twitch channel for the event was surprisingly professional for a guy who claims he’s never done it before.

The action continues today at 2PM Eastern/11 Pacific when the full tournament joins the excitement. You can keep up with the outcomes on the SCCL bracket page or watch all the excitement unfold today on two separate channels:

  • SCCL A – Hosted by Tirent!
  • SCCL B – Hosted by INN’s own Gyun Nah!

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the INN/SCCL Mustang Delta giveaway during the event!

Good luck to all the competitors! Hat’s off to the organizers for a great event.


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  1. FlukeLSX

    A couple of suggestions:

    You are going to have to find better time slots, 2PM EST is a bad time for Eastern U.S. players and probably even worse for Western U.S. players. (3 hour time difference). It’s one thing if it’s the weekend, it’s another if any matches are done during the week.

    For the U.S. in general, 7PM EST and later are considered prime time gaming times. The players need to establish a time to organize and play their matches.

    I would also recommend a 1 match per week setup, this gives people the opportunity to set up matches on weekends or late evenings during the week. In addition to giving them time to practice before their matches and scrim teams respectively doing the same thing.

    And most competitive gamers do not expect all matches to be “televised” by INN, given the time constraint setups.

    You should also probably organize different levels of competition.

    Such as:

    SCCL – Invite level (expert teams)
    SCCL – Main (Medium/intermediate teams)
    SCCL – Open (New or lower skilled teams)

    You can base progression on who wins the league for that season or places say in the top 3 – 5 positions for each level of competition.

    So an SCCL – Open team places in the top 5, they can progress to SCCL – Main, and so forth.

  2. FlukeLSX

    You should also separate the SCCL brackets by geographical location.


    That way EU’s don’t have to play NA teams, and NA teams don’t have to play Aussie teams, given the massive time differences.

    • FlukeLSX


      I feel 4v4 teams are to small, given the size of the maps.

      6v6 would be a better format.

      But, that’s just my opinion since most competitive games use a 6v6 format for the same reason. It’s especially more logical when the introduction of classes becomes relevant.


      For example.

    • WolfLarsenSC

      Great suggestions FlukeLSX – I’ll pass them along to the organizers.

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