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Pr0w^ WINS Inaugural SCCL Tournament

Greetings Star Citizen fans!

Last weekend brought many of us an exciting day of Star Marine action as the inaugural SCCL 4v4 tournament unfolded over many hours of action-packed gameplay. Twenty-three teams battled for glory in this well-organized event, but in the end — as it always does — it came down to two teams. For this event, those two final teams were Angels of the Warp (AoTW), a seasoned group of pros with up to ten years of experience playing together, and Pr0w^, a lesser-known group of  underdogs (They would quickly overturn that designation).

Balans, Golde, LARRYYAY, Wolvencry, Breadfang, and Like_50_Ninjas
Angels of the Warp
BooRadley, JackBauer91, Malen, Nelerath

I’ve known JackBauer91 for ten years and BooRadley for seven. Malen was a new addition to the team but we obviously all played well together. -Nelerath Captain of Angels of the Warp

See the full bracket of all 23 teams HERE.

Weapons of Choice

Early on, we saw several teams favor the Behring P4SC Submachine Gun with others utilizing the Klaus & Werner ATT-4 Laser Assualt Rifle.  While weapon choices may have mattered to individual players, teams tactics were a more determining factor for victory. During the first round of matches, it was clear there was something different about Pr0w^ when LARAYYAY, from here on out known as ‘Pistol Larry,’ emerged a star for his incredible skill dropping enemies with his Model II Arclight Laser Pistol by Klaus & Werner.

I actually pride myself as one of the few guys who utilize the pistol so I wanted to use this tournament as a showcase of the fastest pistol on the verse! -LARRYYAY

Before AoTW made it to the final match against Pr0w^, they had to face Squadup twice — in regular competition and in the lower bracket semi finals. Like, AoTW, Squadup had finished off previous teams three rounds to none, but their first meeting went to AoTW in three rounds. Next, AoTW faced Pr0w^ in the semifinals with Pr0w^ the victor.

In the finals of the Lower bracket, and their second meeting against Squadup, AotW quickly went up two rounds to nothing, with the score for the second match being 250 to 244. Then again, in the third round, after an incredibly tight match with both teams fought their hearts out, AotW pulled ahead for the win with just seconds left, locking up their rematch against Pr0w^ in the championship game:

Congratulations to Squadup for placing third place in this hard fought and close-scoring double elimination tournament.

Championship Match

In the championship match, the first two rounds went to Pr0w^ but the Angles were not ready to sit down yet. AoTW came back with two match wins to tie the game up 4 to 4 forcing a fifth and final round. The fifth round was a must win for AoTW in order to then force a second match. Since AoTW rose from the lower bracket they would need to beat Pr0w^ twice in the best of 5 round in order to be crowned champion, but those desires for AoTW in this tournament would not occur. The fifth round of that first match went to Pr0w^ and they were declared VICTOR! When asked what his team did to prepare, team Captain Balans shared the following:

Practice and ‘scrims. Knowing the map, the spawn timers, where best to spam ‘Nades, Everything you learn with practice and testing them in ‘scrims. -Balans Pr0w^ Team Captain


Over the course of the day, several NOTEWORTHY TACTICS emerged separating the winners from the losers. These included:

  • Preparing key hallways and stairwells with grenades
  • Bunny hopping/crouching to avoid headshots
  • Moving with support into contested areas/utilizing heal stations
  • And LARRYYAY’s execution style pistol skills

Winner, Winner

Interestingly, there were really two winners Sunday: Pr0w^ and Cloud Imperium Games.

Throughout the day — nearly 11 hours of streaming, tweeting, commentary, judging, organizing — there were surprisingly few crashes, lag, disconnects, or other issues with Star Marine. Frankly, it looked great all day. As far back as the RSI Anniversary Sale 2016 we’ve heard speculation that Star Marine may be a contender for legitimate eSports and today seemed to end the speculation in the affirmative.

Next Time

The organizers that brought you this tournament is working on another event for February. It promises to be even more well-organized and sources say it will be a Squadron battle tournament. Look for more information on sign-ups “soon.”

See you then!

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