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SCCL Squadron Battle Tournament

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Are you ready for some more Star Citizen Competitive League (SCCL) action?

You are in luck!

The second SCCL tournament and their first Squadron Battle tournament is being organized. This new tournament will take place on Saturday, February 11th starting at 12:00pm EST.

The SCCL Squadron Battle Tournament will feature four vs four space combat action by some of the best pilots from some of the best Star Citizen organizations. It will not be easy. There is a lot of great talent out there in the ‘Verse, so everyone is expecting a great competition. And who knows, maybe the top three finishers from the SCCL Star Marine Tournament — Squadup, Angels of the Warp, and Pr0w^ — will bring their dominance into space combat. We shall see.

This will be a double elimination tournament across two different league brackets. Teams winning two of three rounds in a match will advance. In order for the team from the “loser bracket” to win its league, they will need to beat the “winning bracket” team twice in the championship.

Two League Brackets

For this event, there will be TWO brackets – Terra League and Earth League.  Implementing these two league brackets should lower the barrier to entry for this tournament and encourage a greater participation pool of teams/pilots. Spread the word! Knowing the difference between the brackets and picking the correct bracket for your team is very important. The Earth League is an UNRESTRICTED league, meaning all ships currently available to be flown in Arena Commander are available for pilots to choose. The Terra League is a RESTRICTED league and only for pilots who chose to fly lightweight/non-military ships. The ‘Terra-League eligible’ ships are:

  • RSI Aurora – All variants
  • CO Mustang – All variants
  • Origin 300 series – All variants
  • Origin M50
  • Origin 85X
  • Aegis Avenger – All variants
  • MISC Reliant
  • Xi’an Khartu-al Scout
  • P52 Merlin

Registration Information

Use the REGISTRATION FORM to sign up your team.

Sign ups are open NOW and will remain open until February 4th — after which registration will be closed. Allowing a week between the registration closing and event beginning should give organizers proper time to fully prepare a well-run tournament. Here are helpful tips for teams and individuals seeking to take part in this event:

  • Double check your league bracket choice and its restrictions (if any).
  • Piloting an unapproved ship in a Terra match will result in match forfeiture for your team.
  • Judges and Team Captains will show up at 11:00am EST on the SCCL Discord.
  • All individual pilots seeking to participate (join a team) need to join the SCCL Discord.
  • UP VOTE the event on Star Citizen Reddit
  • Share this INN article with your organization.
  • Register by February 4.

Raffle and Prizes

There will be a LTI Origin M50 raffle available to all participants of the tournament AND the winning teams of both the Earth and Terra Leagues will win RSI store credit. Additional prizes may be announced.

SCCL Squadron Battle Tournament will take place on Saturday, February 11th at 12:00 EST

Up to date information can be found on the SCCL Discord site.

Good luck; have fun!

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