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Community Spotlight: The Star Citizen Wiki

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As a creator of original content about and set in the Star Citizen Universe, I can tell you there’s nothing more helpful than detailed, accurate, and routinely updated sources of information. Although it’s possible to find everything on the CIG website, somewhere, nobody’s ever accused it of having the best usability. That’s where The Star Citizen Wiki comes in.

While there are already at least two other wikis focused on our favorite game, The Star Citizen Wiki is the only one which is designed, built, hosted, and maintained by well-known and respected members of the community.

With top-tier usability, world-class search capability, and a deep reservoir of detailed, accurate information, it’s a tier-one resource for anyone looking to learn more about Star Citizen, Squadron 42, and the community. Check out this list of content categories:

  • Community
  • Guides
  • Media
  • Ships
  • Ship Components
  • Items and Equipment
  • Mechanics
  • Systems
  • Locations
  • Characters
  • Companies
  • Races
  • Lore
  • Development
  • Comm-Link

The Star Citizen Wiki is truly a community-driven enterprise, but there are a few members who have dedicated a lot of time to its creation. They include:

The Star Citizen Wiki is truly a resource created by and for the community. The hard work and dedication of the team are noted. o7

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