Dec 15

INNside the Community: Trailblazers and Sponsor a Spaceman Report


In support of our mission to attract, welcome, and inform members of the Star Citizen Community, INN created two new programs this week: The INN Trailblazers and Sponsor a Spaceman. From time to time we’ll be updating the community on the growth and activities of these philanthropic programs in the spirit of transparency and to highlight the generosity of our participants and benefactors INNside the Community.

Become a Trailblazer

INN Trailblazers is proud to welcome twenty new members this week! We also set up a Trailblazers Welcome and Trailblazers Team chat in Discord, to make it easier to connect veterans and newcomers together. If you’d like to participate in the Trailblazers program you can sign up anytime. There are no obligations or commitments and you can contribute as much as you have time to help welcome and inform new members. Learn more on the permanent web page for Star Citizen Trailblazers.

We’ve also begun seeking newcomers who have questions on various social and forum platforms. If you, or someone you know, would like a personal guide to the Star Citizen universe, we’re here to help! You can also visit the Trailblazers page or just drop into our welcome chat on Discord.

Sponsor a Spaceman

Our second new program, Sponsor a Spaceman, was created to help new members of the community who maybe need a little support deferring the cost of participation in Star Citizen. The concept behind this program is pretty simple. Rather than just give away standalone ships in random drawings, we’d like to try to give some Star Citizen starter packages to individuals based on need.

Of course, this is a little trickier and may take some time to get right, but we’re up for the challenge. To be eligible for Sponsor a Spaceman we’re going to ask participants to submit a written essay describing their interest in Star Citizen and the community.

The first step was to begin building a board to help review and evaluate submissions and provide transparency and accountability to the program. Our first volunteer to participate on the board is TGwS community member MadKow! If you’re interested in volunteering to be part of the Sponsor a Spaceman board, you may contact myself or Madkow. We haven’t begun to make resolutions yet but our initial goals are to structure the board and establish goals. Here are a few of the early objectives:

  1. Adopt a philosophy of Stewardship – Nobody ‘owns’ Sponsor a Spaceman, we are only servants to the cause.
  2. Determine how and when to relinquish stewardship of Sponsor a Spaceman back to the Community
  3. Establish terms of service.
  4. What to do in case we don’t get entrants.

Sponsor a Spaceman also got our first benefactor this week and I’d like to thank the Republic of Lorell! You may remember Republic of Lorell from our recent org spotlight. They decided to pitch-in and sponsor the very first starter package which will be given away in January of 2017. Stay tuned for more details! In honor of Republic of Lorell becoming our first Sponsor a Spaceman, INN is going to match their donation with a second starter package. Depending on the number of entries we get, we may give the second package away in January or February.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more information and, as always, if you’d like to support the mission of INN, please visit our Patreon.


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