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The Big List of #TipsFromCS

Thanks to Star Citizen community member Tabascoid for permission to reprint the list he compiled and CIG Customer Service for all the work they do for us!

At some point I’d like to get these into logical groupings, but here they all are for now:

The big list of #TipsFromCS

#TipsfromCS Upgrading a ship to the Terapin does not add LTI to her!

#tipsfromCS Assets in packages are like a family. We can’t separate any members or they get sad and lonely =(

#TipsfromCS If you are referring a friend to Star Citizen, make sure to tell them to add your referral code during account creation.

#TipsfromCS Please refrain from making any travel plans until all information about live events are officially available! =)

#TipsFromCS Please refrain from submitting a large number/duplicate tickets – this makes it more difficult to help you and others. Thanks :)

#TipsFromCS Discount codes were sent to Cutlass Black owners only – we do not have a stockpile for all Cutlass owners – sorry!

#TipsfromCS The “Done” status on orders refers to the order themselves, not whether they’ve been shipped or not!

#TipsFromCS PSA- Be careful what you melt! … via @reddit Please Retweet

#TipsFromCS aUEC and items brought in PU will be reset periodically, we can not re-add these for you. Please Retweet

#tipsfromCS Don’t microwave a spoon. Seriously. That’s like, really bad.

#TipsFromCS – Missed out on a CitizenCon ticket? Ping us an email to be added to the waiting list should any become available :)

#TipsFromCS Upgrades only effect one ship, you can’t upgrade to multi ship packs

#TipsFromCS REC is now only usable for Arena Commander and not the Universe in 2.4

#TipsfromCS If you use your Bennys discount code on an item, Its value is reduced by the $5 so you lose this if you reclaim it!

#TipsFromCS – We cannot address tickets or cases via Twitter. You are welcome to contact us with a CS ticket, via:

#TipsFromCS We can not give you PTU access, this includes Concierge and Subscribers as well.

#TipsFromCS – Cloud Imperium Games will never ask for your password. Your password, and Login ID, should be known only to you….ONLY…YOU.

#TipsfromCS The Controls have been changed/optimized New one below; … Please Re-tweet :)

#TipsFromCS Your phone needs to be set to the correct time for the authenticator to work.

#TipsFromCS aUEC and items brought in PU will be reset periodically, we can not re-add these for you.

#TipsFromCS DO NOT reclaim a ship to fix an Issue! Please make a ticket and we will look into the issue for you.

#TipsFromCS – When submitting a ticket, be as descriptive of the problem as possible. The more info the better, and quicker it’s resolved!

#TipsFromCS Upgrades only effect one ship, you can’t upgrade to multi ship packs

#tipsfromCS Physical packages can no longer be recovered/unmelted!

#tipsfromCS We are unable to release info about upcoming sales, further details of ship progress or stats. But we can tell you about cats!

#tipsfromCS Eat buttloads of candy this Halloween. Candy makes you fight Vanduul better!

#TipsFromCS The Shopping cart isn’t a reservation for pledges, so stashing goodies away in there won’t hold them for later!

#TipsFromCS If you have a Retaliator and Gladiator suddenly, don’t worry, they are loaners for Galactic Tour’s Bomber of the Year event.

#tipsfromCS CS isn’t able to get anyone into the MMHC. But we will let you in the Super Awesome Cool Backers Club!

#tipsfromCS Sending a ticket for an office tour? Please include which location you want to visit so we can route you accordingly!

#TipsFromCS Having issues logging in, Run the CIGLauncher.exe in your default game directory to update your launcher.

#TipsFromCS Please avoid “home brew” fixes for issues.

#TipsfromCS Please please please, keep your back up codes for your MFA on hand! Upgrading to a new phone won’t carry it over!

#TipsFromCS – The CITIZENCON 2946 TROPHY is available for all Citizens to purchase. Ticket holders/Subs get the trophy added on Friday.

#TipsFromCS If you have to swap or replace your phone make sure you have a backup code saved.

#TipsfromCS Having issues with getting your #CitizenCon ticket printed/downloaded? Send us a message and we’ll take a look! =)

#TipsFromCS With the upcoming sale please remember that upgrades DO NOT add Lifetime Insurance!

#TipsFromCS You can only upgrade from one ship to one ship. You can not upgrade a Combo Package to a single ships

#TipsFromCS Flair items can take a patch or two to appear in game. You can check what you have on your Hangar page;

#TipsFromCS Due to CitCon and the Polaris sale we may take longer than normal to reply to support requests. Polaris image while you wait!

#TipsfromCS We are aware of the UEE wide spate of fish thefts and as soon as we have caught the culprit your fish will be returned.

#TipsFromCS When purchasing or upgrading to a snub fighter please remember you will need a ship to transport her as well.

#TipsFromCS The Issue Council is the best place for reporting any in-game issues as it being them to QA’s attention…

#TipsFromCS Please remember you use your Login ID to login and not your Handle. Please Retweet to let the people trying the free fly know!

#TipsFromCS Your new subscriber flair will be added in game in a future patch, it will not be usable in your hangar just yet.

#TipsFromCS Please don’t use false details on your account. If we ever have to verify your account this can make it very hard to do!

#TipsFromCS We strongly recommend all accounts enable two-step authentication;…

#TipsfromCS – And don’t forget to make a back up of your backup codes! These will prevent you accidentally locking yourself out the account.

#TipsfromCS – Be awesome to each other.

#TipsFromCS – Gifting something? – Ensure it is going to the correct recipient, we cannot reverse mistakes once the gift is claimed.

#TipsfromCS – *You can only upgrade* using hull upgrades. The CS team *cannot offer custom downgrades* on request.#StarCitizen

#TipsfromCS – Undock from Olisar in your ship of choice, and cruise the darkness with these chilled soundwaves.

#TipsFromCS Flair items can take a patch or two to appear in game. You can check what you have on your Hangar page;

#TipsfromCS Remember! The rank on your dog tag doesn’t reflect your account level. All of them will say Lieutenant by default. =)

#TipsFromCS Please remember that upgrades do not add Lifetime Insurance. You keep the insurance from your base package. Please Retweet :)

#TipsFromCS Remeber we have all our common issues on the Hot issues page;

#TipsFromCS – Solved your own support ticket? Update it as solved, or update it with any additional queries. Please avoid making multiples.

#TipsFromCS -An Upgrade, and a Standalone ship are two separate items. You will not get LTI through upgrading, unless you had LTI originally

#TipsFromCS You can not upgrade to some limited number ships such as the Phoenix

#TipsFromCS – The CS team cannot reserve ships on request, as we are not an extension of the store itself. First come, first served.

#TipsFromCS – Upgrades, and Standalone ships are separate items. You will not gain LTI by upgrading, unless you had it originally.

#TipsFromCS If you have an issue, a screenshot is always helpful for us to identify the problem

#TipsFromCS If you reclaim a package you lose all the items associated with said package.

#TipsFromCS – We cannot offer support directly through twitter. Much as I love all you folks, send your request via a ticket, not here. :)

#TipsfromCS We don’t have upgrades TO capital ships. Sorry about that!

#TipsFromCS We can’t tell you want will be on sale beforehand if it is not published, sorry

#TipsfromCS Upgrading a ship to a variant does not add LTI to her!

#TipsFromCS Remeber the F7C HORNET WILDFIRE is an F7C and not an F7C-M SUPER HORNET so consider the differences before upgrading.

#TipsFromCS – Please avoid making duplicate tickets, if you already have one submitted. Simply update the existing one.

#TipsFromCS We have reset the Persistence cache so aUEC purchases, ship load outs and hangar changes have recently made may be reset.

#TipsFromCS We can not move items, insurance levels or ships from one package to another for you.

#TipsFromCS Ship stats change with balancing, use these as a guide with the ship description (no this is not a hint of changes)

#TipsFromCS Leaving ships in your cart, or not finishing the order process, does not reserve the ships beyond the end of a sale.

#TipsFromCS Flair items can take a patch or two to appear in game. You can check what you have on your Hangar page;

#TipsfromCS – Read TipsfromCS. No… really, I emplore you…read them.

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