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Summary: Loremaker’s Guide to Cathcart

Loremaker's Guide to Cathcart

On this episode of the Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy lead writer, Dave Haddock shared the Cathcart System. This system, without any planets, became the home of Spider, one of the most dangerous locations in the known universe.

Cathcart Fundamentals

  • Officially discovered in 2438 by a fugitive named Adelaide Lorris
  • She named the system after Marshal Winton Cathcart, who eventually shot her in 2464
  • The system is pretty empty
  • Type A dwarf Star
  • No planets
  • An asteroid belt.
  • Vernon Tarr inadvertently discovered the Banu in Cathcart
  • Crime status: Lawless
  • Import: Refuse
  • Export: Salvage

Cathcart is one of the oldest in the development of the game, being added with ten systems to get from $3 Million to $4 Million. The original description, written by Dave Haddock was:

November 6th, 2012 – Cathcart System, Pirate System, Galactic Junkyard. One sun which is there for light, and gigantic garbage disposal. It’s literally a dumping ground on the side of a highway. The only official rule is the route between jump points had to be clear at all times. Although it still falls under UEE jurisdiction, it is a conveniently located meeting spot for pirates and smugglers. No planets, no natural ones anyhow. Squatters have lashed together the wreckage of massive ships, orbital platforms, ad whatever happened to be drifting around, pressurized them and created man-made planets. Most visitors keep their suits on during their stay because it’s not unusual for sections to depressurize.

Today, Cathcart is still known as one of the most infamous outlaw systems in the galaxy. It’s on the eastern side of the known universe, pretty close to Terra and Earth. Because there were no planets the UNE didn’t know what to do with it. Eventually, they started dumping derelict ships and other waste there and drifters and outlaws moved in, lashed together old ships and stations, and repressurized them. Now, it’s the biggest hive of villainy and scum in the galaxy!

The UEE has tried to exercise some control in the region of Cathcart but they’ve been pretty unsuccessful.

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