Dec 20

BarCitizen LA

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I attended my first Bar Citizen event with my buddy Jimi earlier this month and it was a really great time. There’s just nothing like getting together with a bunch of other Star Citizen fans to talk about ships, dogfighting, and our aspirations for life in the ‘Verse. We were also lucky to be joined by members of the team at CIG, including Jared Huckaby and Toast.

After attending that event on December 4th, I volunteered to organize BarCitizen LA and I’m truly honored to serve the community this way.

Los Angeles is a very big, very diverse place. My hope is to ensure our program of events is fun, inclusive, accessible, and welcoming. I also hope to take advantage of our proximity to CIG’s world headquarters to welcome members of the team to participate as often as they can, while making it as easy for them as possible. That said, I recognize Los Angeles is a very big place and I think it’s also important to ensure as many people can participate as possible.

Finally, because we are Chris Robert’s hometown BarCitizen, I think it’s critical to be the best, most well attended Bar Citizen we can be! But I can only do that with your open, honest input. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to better serve our local Star Citizen community. I don’t just welcome your input, I need it.

In support of the aforementioned goal of inclusive planning, I’ve created a survey to help plan the 2017 BarCitizen LA program. Please take a moment to fill it out as soon as possible!

BarCitizenLA Planning Survey

You can also share your comments, photos, ideas, and feedback via Twitter with #BarCitizenLA anytime!

At your service,

Wolf Larsen

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