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Around the Verse 3.15: Key Takeaways

Around the Verse Hero

Around the Verse 3.15 UK was published on December 1st, 2016 and was hosted by Sandi Gardiner and Sean Tracy. In this episode, CIG showed off coming features in Alpha 2.6 including new camera options and changes to ship balance.


  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 has been released to the Evocati testers!
  • Asteroids are about to get a whole lot cooler as they switch from hand placement to a semi-automated approach. Expected changes include:
    • Much more dynamic and varied fields
    • Fields which can be much, much larger
    • Individual asteroid movement
  • There will be some additions/changes to camera controls
  • Noobifer is this week’s community MVP for his video on the ship development pipeline (See below)
  • Behind the scenes on Star Marine audio including notes on music, foley, and effects.
  • Behind the scenes on 2.6 Ship Balancing
    • SCM speeds have been reduced by 50% and cruise has been eliminated
    • The goal is to make combat closer and more intimate
    • Afterburner allows higher speeds
    • Afterburner burns fuel quickly to during acceleration but is more efficient to maintain
    • Maneuverability will be reduced while using afterburner
    • All ship components will be rebalanced

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