Nov 14

VIDEO: Holding Space in Stanton with Imperium

Imperium Video

Earlier today we asked the question Can orgs hold territory in Star Citizen? Ironically, later in the day I discovered a video of one of the biggest orgs in the ‘verse doing just that. This video is a three minute montage of Imperium holding their very first game night, on October 22, 2016.

It’s a great piece of production but I’m really interested in the content. First, the organizer did a great job of setting the scenario and keeping the action moving forward. Anybody who has ever participated in large-scale, organized missions knows it can be a challenge to keep everyone focused. The other thing I really liked was the dynamic play, with elements of coordinated flight, space combat, and small arms combat.

Now, I know this example isn’t exactly what we discussed this morning, but it does demonstrate the key point of my conclusion: A well organized group can definitely take and hold some space for some amount of time. To get to fleet scale, simple add more bodies and spacecraft.

Anyhow, take a look at the video. Imperium’s doing a great job of getting their members involved! If your organization has scheduled play times that are open to the public, please drop me a note so I can take a look!

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