Nov 17

Community Spotlight: StarShip42


This week on Community Spotlight I’d like to share created by reddit user /u/lundfoci featuring the beautifully atmospheric music of Utho Riley. Frankly, either one of these guys is deserving of their own community spotlight and I am shocked that INN hasn’t highlighted them already.

StarShip42 is an online 3d rendering engine that allows you to load up any available Star Citizen ship model. It’s features also include:

  • Camera control
  • Variable lighting
  • Multiple background options
  • Customizable landing pads
  • Custom text overlay
  • Image generator

I really enjoyed staring at the Anvil Carrack from every angle imaginable, and dreaming about what it will be like to one day stand on her bridge. Utho’s music just made this experience more relaxing and let my imagination stretch out and wonder…

For more of Utho’s music, check him out on SoundCloud or just listen to him here!

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