Nov 13

…And we’re back!

Some of you may have noticed there was an attempted Coup d’état at Imperial News Network yesterday. However, we regained control over the website, email addresses, and the Twitch channel and we’re back online. Sadly, we’ve had to let a few people go for obvious reasons.

Sadly, our PATREON ACCOUNT was also compromised. If you support INN on Patreon you should stop, the money is no longer connected to the fund used to pay for our expenses. We are working with Patreon to regain control but it is possible we will need to set up a completely new account.

As you can imagine, INN is looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks. Please contact if you are interested in getting involved. Sadly, I’ve learned the team was ignoring many requests to participate with INN and I feel terrible about this. I will be following up on every one as soon as I can. If you’ve contacted us in the past to submit content please connect with me ASAP. We are definitely looking fo more contributors.

In the meantime, we’ll be changing up the program on our Twitch Stream and this week at the regularly scheduled cast we’ll be sponsoring ‘play with INN’. If you’re interested in getting involved, please let me know!

I’m sure there is going to be some conversation, in the coming weeks as the team at INN is rebuilt. I want everyone to know, I have a lot of love in my heart for Eric and David, and the rest of the old INN team and I know they’re going to do great with whatever they put their minds to next. There’s no need for anyone to ever choose sides…The SC community is big enough and healthy enough for us all to thrive!

See you in the ‘verse!

Wolf Larsen
Founder – Imperial News Network

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  1. David

    The pirates have been eliminated.

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