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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 2.05

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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 2.05 Transcript (Incomplete)

  • The stream has started, currently no audio. Your transcribers today are: Stormy Winters, NYXT and Shiver Bathory
  • The stream has just jumped into life. It’s starting with showing the Dragonfly behind the scenes video from yesterday’s AtV.
  • We are live I see Disco Lando and Sq. Art Director Paul Jones
  • Paul is talking about the initial work on the Dragonfly and how they started using ship items at first but it turned out too large for what Chris was after
  • They basically had to go from small ship components to vehicle components
  • The components on vehicles are similar to ship components in that they are fully rendered out and no parts are ‘faked’
  • The Dragonfly was initially too sleek and was worked on to make it seem more Drake like
  • The variations and initial designs are available to be seen in the Subscriber’s Vault on the main CIG site
  • Paul is talking about his current work and his current focus projects
  • Jared made the initial mockup for the Dragonfly brochure and Paul polished it up
  • Paul designed a very cool Dragonfly t-shirt that Disco will see if he can show off one day, it likely won’t be available in the pledge store as it was just a fun side project for Paul
  • They’ve now opened for questions for Paul
  • Paul is talking about how he was inspired by a Pod-racer when he was desigining the Dragonfly.
  • Paul had a bit of downtime and was talking new variations with a colleague and have proposed some to Chris
  • [Why are there so many logos on the Dragonfly?] They are in the process of changing things over. They try something in the first release then tweak it, then tweak it more.
  • [What can you tell us if anything about the Banu Merchantman?] That’s already been in first round concept and sold, just in the process now of doing second round concept. They are aware it’s been around a long time but it’s in the process of being concepted out with archetype area’s. I.e. what does a Banu bridge look like and that will go into the concept
  • Disco iterates on the second concept phase is there to define a ship and make it work better in the game world. It won’t be going through a major redesign just brought up to standards.
  • [What can you tell us about the Carrack?] It’s in a similar stage to the Banu Merchantman it will likely stay in house. It will be the first large multicrew ship they will have to build out. During which they will have to work out what makes an Anvil interior Anvil.
  • [The Polaris?] It’s in good shape looking really slick. Chris has requested a few more visuals on it. An extra action shot some more interior shots and then it will be moved to full marketing materials. Something they hope to share soon™
  • And with that Paul is off, they are taking a break and will be back with Nathan Dearsley
  • They are back, Disco is joined by Vehicle Art Director Nathan Dearsley
  • He is talking about the derelict ships and how they wanted to use the assets for more.
  • They wanted to take those assets and see what they can do with them on a planet’s surface. He wanted to show an emotional drive to things, which in the video is in the form of using the Starfarer hulk as small living area. Telling a story without any dialogue
  • It was something he wanted to do for ages, when the tech for lighting and debris came online he went for it, it’s only in its early stages and was put together fairly rapidly so he wants to improve the quality over time.
  • The hulks being present will be part of the living universe and integrated. So expect missions based around them, stories developing out of adventure, etc
  • The video shown was rendered in real time within the engine. You could walk around that scene.
  • He’s talking about how he is thinking ‘high risk, high reward’ gameplay and how he is trying to take that into account when he is designing
  • The wrecks themselves are handcrafted but they are integrated into the procedural generation tech for placement.
  • He’s talking about how you reach a certain threshold with development where you have many systems in place and you are ready to produce more than you did before and how in his opinion they are starting to approach that crescendo
  • The damage tech shaders don’t always translate well from smaller ships to capital ships. They use the basic mesh and then add to it. As they are for larger ships the mesh contains far more information in it which needs to be accounted for.
  • He’s talking about how one of the challenges is the amount of detail in things. At any given time a player can get out and get a closer look at anything. Lighting makes an amazing difference
  • The planet featured in the video for AtV was not the same as the one in 3.0
  • The planet used was able to make use of wind effects and gravity etc from a tool within the design suite.
  • He enjoys his job, he gets to make sci-fi! It’s good and the team is great to work with
  • [Does the environment tab allow you to change the water?] Sort of. The new system has a sea level which you can change the radius of and the radius of the planet of. It’s similar to the old editor but the old one only dealt with one plane
  • Nathan is working on something very awesome, but we arent going to see it for a little while. Even he is excited about it!
  • Terrapin sale still going on, will be on through the weekend. CitizenCon October 9th.
  • Next week’s AtV is in L.A.

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