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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 2.08

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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 2.08 Transcript (Incomplete)

  • [What do you do here?] His job is to create interesting and diverse environments to populate the universe with. A lot his focus is on modularity and being able to utilise it creatively.
  • [How did you choose to build which Satellite?] A lot of research into what’s currently out in the real world and what would fit within the Universe. He went with the Defence, Communication, and Science ones because they were distinct from one another and able to be modulated into more variants.
  • Ben talks about how when putting things into the game, it’s important that they’re realistic and meaningful instead of just eye candy.
  • [Are the modular stations going to have interiors?] Yes! The modular satellites will have some playable space inside. They will differ in size internally as well as how they’re powered such as nuclear, solar, etc.
  • [Will satellites be destructible?] The design is that the modules will be things you can break and repair, but they’re still discussing whether or not they’ll be completely destructible.
  • [Do some of the satellites use standard ship components or are they all unique parts?] The parts will be standalone parts, but their functionality will be very similar to the way ships are, but they will be specific.
  • [Do satellites have pipe systems similar to ships and can we disable individual systems?] It will work very similar to the pipe system in ships, and yes you can disable certain aspects of the satellite external by destruction or internal via hacking with viruses
  • [Are satellites limited to 90 degree angles?] They won’t necessarily be at 90 degree angles, but they’re based off how current space stations in real life are made.
  • [How long did it take to make the prototype and how long to get it where it needs to be?] It took about a month for research, prototyping, etc. It’s currently in art with concepting and it shouldn’t be too long until Ben himself can construct it.
  • [Can players control a satellite in anyway?] At present they’re designing satellites to interact with: Destroy, fix, plant viruses. Control right now isn’t the plan, but in the future that would be pretty awesome.
  • [Will some satellites have automated defensive capabilities to protect themselves?] Yes most certainly, that will be dependant on whether it’s military, how sensitive the data is.
  • [Will satellites orbit their assigned location?] Satellites don’t orbit, it’s more of a name for them and a way for players to recognise them.
  • [What are the different types and purposes of satellites ingame?] The possibilities are endless. Science can be in a nebula gathering information. For military they could be protecting a base. Communication satellites will be in varying sizes and placed in many locations.
  • [Final thoughts?] It’s been a really great experience going through the research process and seeing it come together. Seeing one satellite have the potential for so many different capabilities is fantastic.
  • That’s all for now with Ben Dare, up next is Ivo Herzeg.
  • [What do you do?] About 12 years ago he developed an animation system for CryEngine and now he’s doing the same here. He’s responsible for getting the runtime features in the game and technology up and running that’s needed to support that.
  • [Can you explain what a unified rig is and why did you choose to use it for Star Citizen?] Before he explains what it is he’ll explain some pre-cursor. There’s a first person and a third person, and you only need a simple rig as most games are single player, but as games became more complex, people look down and want to see their legs and so they need to add another rig. Finally most games are multiplayer nowadays which means a third rig, so you’d have three rigs plus animation for first and third person systems.
    • Unified rigs only have one skeleton, but it can take a little bit longer to get animations setup correctly, but it’s much easier in the long run.
  • [What does it mean going forward for players?] It reduces the animations count by a lot. For all the weapons they currently have in Star Citizen, they need 50. If you compare it to Crysis 2, they had 1200.
  • It also forced them to animate differently and in a way that animations will be needed for a variety of different things.
  • With the unified rig, animations aren’t just fewer, but they can be shared as well.
  • All the joints are able to be animated as well so in EVA when you jump off a platform, all of your limbs are physicalized so they aren’t just ragdolled randomly, but based on physics.
  • [Does the stabilization that you’ve done impact mouse responsiveness like mouse smoothing?] Absolutely not, the sensitivity was turned down to get more of a panning effect for the video. 
  • [How will sighting work with head stabilization?] They just have to simply align it to the right eye, nothing complicated.
  • [Is the work on head stabilization done?] Not yet, it’ll be ongoing and tweaking is something that’ll happen constantly.
  • [Are you afraid that head stabilisation make character models look like birds when viewed in third person?] No.
    • They took into account how it will look apart from making it stable.
  • [How does stabilization work when you fall down?] It disables when you fall down, when you get up, when you sit, and some other scenarios. Still testing other areas though.
  • [What input did you use to record the stabilization video?] Mouse.
  • [Shouldn’t the visor bounce a little even with eye stabilization. I can imagine a motorcycle bounces a little bit] It depends on what you have, with a weapon your hands bounce, without a weapon your helmet will bounce.
  • [Finals thoughts?] At first their one solution was thought to work, but it didn’t pan out and then after some creative googling and seeing a video of a chicken, it sparked a prototype
  • That’s all with Ivo Herzeg.- Some community updates. Newsletters comes out today. TwitchCon is coming up so several members of CIG will be there unaffiliated.
  • That’s all for the show! Thanks for watching. Standard summary format will be up shortly

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