Sep 5

INNside the Verse – Episode 79

INNSide the Verse Feature Image

Ohayo INNies, this week on INNside the Verse – Now With Less Budget: We are joined by Sarah McCulloch Concept Artist at Foundry 42 U.K!

We chat about Sarah’s work, SpaceX and more!

It’s INNside the ‘Verse with special guest: Sarah McCulloch from Foundry U.K. We also have our resident Space Pope Nehkara edutain us about SpaceX a little. We are also joined by the fastest typer in the west NYXT and guest host Shiver Bathory. Sadly the episode was on such a budget that we did not press record on the video but we do have the audio for you!
A very special thank you to Sarah McCulloch for sitting down with us and Acid Zenith for streaming for us.

If you’d like to tune in, you can catch us Saturdays at 18:30 UTC, 14:30 Eastern, over on Twitch!


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