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Bugsmashers: Episode 32

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Bugsmashers: Episode 32 Transcript

Mark Abent (MA): Hey everyone, back from Gamecom. Time for a little breeze, yeah, take a little chill pill… just kidding. We got two six and time to fix some bugs.

Hey everyone, we are in a fun little test level for FPS and there’s a bug that the good folks in the UK managed to fix where sometimes when you go about shooting and killing each other and die. Tough kill, my death’s been… been practicing that all day but when you die sometimes, aha, just like that all your weapons sights and attachments go, gone. It’s like, whaaatttt and the crazy part is we go on third person and then back, they magically show up. So obviously this is a crazy bug cause it’s like, hey that should not be happening.

Oh boy, this one took a little while because each of those little bits are on an item port and item ports are basically things that allow designers to say, ‘hey this should snap here’. Maybe allow for some user configurations and dictate, all right, this thing can be a little scope, that can attach, what size scope. You know, a bunch of little interesting customizations but since they’re on item ports it leads to a whole big slew of what’s the problem. Is it an item port issue? Is it an attachment issue? Item ports use attachments and they used to follow the bone, so we have a little bone there that the little attachment would follow.

So it’s like, oh no what’s happening. Then it gets weirder because it’s like, how come when I go first person, third person it works again and as I kill myself sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. I think I have it where I get it 100% of the time but when you first spawn into the server you may not get it. Such a weird, fun little bug and it took the good old folks in the UK to find what’s happening.

So we have our item and when we attach our item, sometimes we have to detach it and do some configuration and reattach it to the player because oh good ole networking and good ole shenanigans, you know. The gun can come before the player, armour and so with disconnect, connect, disconnect, connect so everything’s all nicely set up and in between that, there’s this thing that’s supposed to set the view mode for items. So if you have a third person you show the third person geometry, if you’re in the first person you show the first person geometry.

Obviously you don’t want to see the first person geometry when in third because it’s high polys and extra details you don’t need to see. The gun for all intents and purposes will act and play the animations exactly the same but you kind of want a low poly… lower poly version. It still has high fidelity but it’s not going to kill everyone’s FPS because you’re using insanely detailed model. So, the legacy item 1.0 system has this ability to switch between first and third person, problem is if it’s already in one of those modes and you’re telling it to switch to that same mode, it gets locked and it doesn’t actually refresh.

So, if we’re in the third person mode and we tell it to go to third person, it’s already thinks it’s there so it’s not going to do anything. Or if we’re in first peron and you tell it to go into the first person, it’s not going to do anything, and this is kind of an issue when you attach and detach things cause the order of setting up stuff is just kukoo. It’s also why we wanted to clean up a lot of this in Item 2.0.

So, for the item system when we attach to a player it sets the view mode and what this does, if the view mode has changed it does a bunch of stuff, the first person does a bunch of stuff, the third person… it’ll set up the attachments and geometry and everything all fancy dancy but like I said if you’re already in that mode things get wonky and they don’t attach right and that’s what’s happening to these item port scopes.

So, the trick is, let’s see, let’s go back to the item view. We have this function and the FPS guys basically added this bull which allows you to basically brute force into that mode and if you set this to true it’ll basically determine the current mode that it’s in and force it. So all we have to do is call that function, set this to true, by the false set it to false. It’s only an issue when you attach and reattach things so we only need to force the mode when we attach it back which should be rare as in it should only happen once in awhile. Not every single frame.

So we’ll hit magical recode, all right so recode is finished and we’re back in the level. So let’s kill ourselves again. Oh recode’s not done yet… there it goes, recodes done, aha. So we kill ourselves… respawn and wham we have our attachments. Let’s try it a few times cause that’s always fun. I love that ragdoll, it spins around and dies and turns into a ragdoll and all the funny poses. Let’s go down the stairs and kill ourselves, yeah. View snapping, best part.

So, as you can see I have all my attachments for my guy, everything is good. Now people go FPS and do some iron sighting. Hope you guys enjoyed, two six! So we had a little bug when you get your gun out, the iron sights on the top vanish or I should say the sights all a bunch of these little attachments… sometimes. The even weirder part, you go in the third person and back to first person they all work, so it’s like, ahhhh.

You know, trying to figure out what it was, look at the item port code, look at the attachment code. All it was was the legacy item code kept the view state during first to third person and because of attaching/reattaching things get disconnected and you have to rebuild when the attachments get set and if you’re not refreshing the state that you’re in… things go bonkers. So, all it was was just adding a bull to a function and when the thing gets attached to the player you just refresh the state, you see your sights, see your attachment, everything’s good. Everyone is able to kill each other now, have some fun, two six, getting one step closer. All right, see you guys next time, hope you guys enjoyed.

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