Aug 1

INNside the ‘Verse Episode 74

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Welcome to INNside the ‘Verse Episode 74 – Otherwise known as Budget Edition #2!

This week on the Budget Edition we had some good talk about Atmospheric Flight, the new Reverse the ‘Verse changes, and more general topics. Then Nehkara took over and gave us a great overview of SpaceX’s history, and how Space X is very similar to the RSI in-game company.

It was really interesting, and there were great images throughout:


Then, as usual, we took questions from the audience.

Again, hope you enjoyed this week. If you like watching us, come join us live, Saturdays at 2:30 Eastern over at


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  1. Desmarius

    I love your budget shows! It just gets better and better. Lots of good information!

  2. Mikael

    ty everyone as usual your show is amusing and i know all info already since im a hardcore SC fan so i dont rly need to watch this but its fun to see every week the entusiasm that you guys have for this game and community so thanks alot and keep the good work up / Mikael

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