Aug 19

Gamescom Day 3 Coverage

Hello Citizens and welcome to coverage of Star Citizen at Gamescom 2016 – Day 3!

Notes from PC Games Interview with Chris Roberts:

by Nehkara
  • Looking to create a detailed, crafted universe with history and lore.
  • 3.0 release at end of year
    • Seamlessly go from space station to planet to landing location.  Go to Bazaar, get mission, go to wrecked Starfarer, second part of mission transmitted to you, go to moon and recover pirate loot.
    • All seamless, no loading screens.
  • 330 people employed by CIG at their 4 studios.
  • Want to be able to pick up an object from a planet, move it to a ship, fly to another planet, place object.  Working hard to achieve this. (Sounds like Grabby Hands)
  • Last 2 years a lot of time spent refactoring CryEngine.
  • 3.0 will allow a lot more players with less lag and higher fidelity.
  • Item 2.0 will be completely in by 3.0
  • Pieces are coming together.
  • 3.0 is the huge thing – procedural planets, areas to visit, beginning of Stanton system (all of the celestial bodies in)
  • Subsequent patches will flesh out Stanton
  • 3.0 will have the basic professions (trading, mercenary, bounty hunter, pirate), more professions added in subsequent patches
  • At that point they will open up another system and you’ll be able to jump there.
  • Idea is that you could spend hundreds of hours in a single system
  • If you want to be a farmer on a planet, you will be able to do that kind of stuff
  • FPS improvements on the way
  • Looking to be a 10+ year game similar to World of Warcraft and EVE
  • Looking to keep the visuals great by continually updating the graphics engine

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  2. Max

    “Looking to be a 10+ year game”

    Oh, they will be, before it’s even released…

    • Sebastian

      At least isnt a nms proceduraly generated lies, and has done more work that the day z stand alone and nms together

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