Jul 31

BRIMSTONE part 16: Hell of a break there, Doc

Brimstone part 16

Throught all of history, few things have been prized as greatly as a good pub. That rule is no less true in space, where the distance between bars might be measured in light years. The Claddagh was the best working man’s gin-joint in Brimstone; nowhere near as fancy as Roxy’s but a damn sight better […]

Jul 10

BRIMSTONE part 14: Yeah, You Can Tell Him I Said That

Brimstone part 14

They say time is money, but these days the real gold is information. Juicy data. Almost any secret can be uncovered if you know what database to hack, what email system to infiltrate. Some people call that criminal but as a professional hacker, Darius called it a solid business model.