Jun 20

INNside the ‘Verse – Episode 68

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This week on INNside the ‘Verse Episode 68…

Honestly, this week, there wasn’t too much news to talk over, so we went a bit crazy. Still, Shiver, NYXT, JakeAcappella, and David put on a good show.

There was lots of talk about the Dragonfly, some chat about procedurally-generated planets, and tons of shenanigans. And we got a veritable bevvy of excellent questions for the second half of the show, so stick around for those.

If you’d like to see the show live, tune in every Saturday at 2:30p ET, only on http://twitch.tv/INNLive

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  1. Jaing

    So what are they going to do with all the feedback they got from the Vanguard thread? I heard someone mention on ATV or RTV that they were collating it but it looks like it’s done as of June 16th or so.

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