Jun 29

BRIMSTONE part 13: A Shadow in the Darkness

Brimstone part 13

Assassins have crept through the dark hallways of history, a fact that will persist in the far-flung future. Technology won’t make us better, it will just make us better at what we do. With sleek powered armor and active camouflage, tomorrow’s elite paid killers will move like shadows in the darkness.  

Jun 8

BRIMSTONE part 11: No-Knock Warrant

Brimstone part 11

In a grown-up game of Cops n Robbers, Bounty Hunters worked the fringes of the fight with one foot on either side of the law. Taking jobs that the cops didn’t want, using tactics the cops couldn’t use, Bounty Hunters were a part of the big circle of life. But every circle has a back […]

Jun 5

MVP INNterview – Anarck0s


One of the reasons I’m not always on top of who’s a Twitch streamer is because I don’t like watching people play games. I could have a whole damn rant about how I hate even “tutorials” for boss fights in MMOs and people’s reliance on “knowing the fight.” To me it’s a serious flaw in […]

Jun 1

INN Fiction: It’s a Dangerous Business

Indiegogo Mining

Hey Indiegogo supporters, it is time for another installment of “It’s a Good Day to Die”… or not! We can’t thank our supporters enough and hope you enjoy this timely view of life on the fringe carving riches out of rocks. It is, to be sure, a dangerous business.