May 25

Foundry 42 INNvasion – Mici Oliver & Adam Parker

We were recently fortunate enough to get a tour of Foundry 42 UK, and even luckier to be able to get a sit down and interview with some CIG staff. Here is the first in a small series of interviews we got while there.

The video of the interview is above.
And an audio only version is available here:

We speak with Mici Oliver QA Specialist and Adam Parker QA specialist about their role at CIG, a typical work day for them and some other bits and pieces.

Thank you, hope you enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for another INN Foundry 42 INNterview!

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  1. Desmarius

    Really nicely done interview, Shiver. I’ve chatted with Adam before. He has a wickedly funny sense of humor and is great at painting miniatures. It was really nice to finally put a face with the name. It was really good to learn more about him and Mici and their roles at CIG.

  2. Geoff

    Any chance of a transcript, for those of us with hearing issues? :)

    • Erris

      Unfortunately we don’t have enough time / transcribers to transcribe the interviews and such we do ourselves. They’re all pretty exhausted from covering all CIG’s stuff. I’m sorry : (

  3. Jack

    Nicely done

  4. Noeve

    Yay, I love shiver’s stuff. More please

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