May 8

Creating the world’s top Star Citizen shill site

Snakeoil Salesman

Me and the catIn case you missed it last week the man behind the shill, a nerdy, 40-something year old dinosaur of the digital & interactive business was revealed. I’m sure everyone will have a difficult time understanding why I game, and sometimes blog about gaming, under an alternative identity once they’ve discovered my true identity, and all the pictures of me hanging out with my cat.

That said, to anyone who feels deceived by the news that I’m not actually named after the captain of the seal hunting schooner in Jack London’s ‘Sea Wolf’, I’m genuinely sorry. I’ve been gaming under various alts since my Mom first bought me Intellivision for Christmas back in the early 1980’s. (Burgertime for the win!)

In other news, more importantly, INN was also named THE NUMBER 1 STAR CITIZEN SHILL SITE in the world. After thinking about that for a few days, I have two things to say:

  • As far as being number 1 is concerned, hell yeah!
  • Hat’s off the the incredible team at INN and all our fans for making this happen.

Although we recognize there are individuals who have the opinion that CIG is not diligently building the best video game anyone has ever imagined, we just happen to disagree. We also disagree that all our readers, and the legions of Star Citizen fans behind them, are the world’s largest collection of suckers being deceived by a sweeping, hundred million dollar conspiracy to pretend to build a video game starring Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Liam Cunningham, Gillian Anderson, and Andy Serkis.

Shilling ain’t easy

While I’d love to take credit for all the hard work it takes to receive the high honor of being the number one fan site, the truth is INN always has been, and always will be, a labor of love produced by the contributions of over a dozen incredibly hard working volunteers who still do it for nothing more than the love of the game. I can understand why the community around far lesser games find this difficult to believe, but we started this for the love of the game and we keep doing it because of this same passion.

But more than the team, we have you, the members of the INN community to thank for our meager success. Without your engagement, encouragement, and thousands of views daily, we are nothing. Every person on this team has a full time career, and a family, and other hobbies…But the community is what drives us all to stay connected and keep creating content about the game we all love.

INN’s Future

All this said, something has changed in 2016 which challenges our perception of ourselves as merely a fan site and we welcome your feedback on the subject. As you may have noticed we’ve added content about games other than Star Citizen in the last few months. At the beginning of 2016 a few of us, quite surprised by the success we’re experiencing covering Star Citizen, decided to experiment with branching out. As we make this transition from Star Citizen fan site, to legitimate coverage of other games and the industry as a whole, I am wondering what we need to watch out for, as far as ethics are concerned. To the best of my knowledge only one person on the INN team has a background in journalism (hell, I can barely string together a coherent sentence) but we do want to do the right thing and that’s going to take the help of you, our readers, whenever we are crossing the line.

As always, INN is a highly participatory, community driven entity. If you have any questions, concerns, or suspicions about our motives, please feel free to contact us. If I can’t answer your question I know there’s a whole team of people around me who can.

In the meantime, INN, like Star Citizen, is still funded by the individual contributions of fans who are gracious enough to donate five or ten bucks a month through our Patreon page and a very small pool of advertisers, which does not include CIG or any of their subsidiaries. We’re barely making enough to cover the cost for our servers now, so if you like our content, and you’d like us to keep making it, please consider supporting us!

-Jake a.k.a “Wolf Larsen”, a.k.a. “Al Swearengen”, a.k.a “Animal Mother” DiMare

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  1. Acheron Attacks

    Always cite where you first heard something; if you developed an opinion, source it back, always.

    Never write half an article or half a review. Some publications will, increasingly, write a piece that could have been summarised in a title; if you write it should always be deeper and reflective.

    Either be neutral or present both sides; it makes a good article/writer that can present a view and challenge it later on.

    Avoid the Click Bait *no no, the click bait, it is everywhere* – just don’t write about something you don’t really have an opinion on just because the title is controversial. Another reason why Gaming publications have gone downhill recently.

    Just be yourselves

    Your friendly neighbourhood…person


  2. Joust

    You know, since you’re the #1 shill site the #1 kickstarter scam EVER (the end!), have you guys considered expanding to cover more Kickstarter games? It seems like a fairly unfilled niche which is basically covered by a weekly copy paste dump by the big guys.

  3. TheMadGolemSC

    Well Played. You are taking the calm approach which is the right thing to do. I wonder how the Doctor will resopnd…

    • Cheesey

      With a rant full of unverifiable opinions? With maybe a few I know things thrown in for good measure and a threat to dox people commenting on the story (of course it’s not doxing if he does it)

  4. Max

    I’m a fairly recent INN fan; but, for what it’s worth, even though I’m starving for any SC-related news, I stopped watching CIG video fluff altogether and started following the TL;DR versions religiously on INN – often it’s the first page I open each day. Not to mention how much easier is to locate something in a transcript than a hour-plus long video… so yeah, thanks you guys for what you are doing, may you keep doing it for a long time to come…! Oh, and I’d definitely be interested in Kickstarter-related coverage…

  5. Erarem

    Congratulations!!! I can see how you’ve earned that award. To me it really is like reading the news. You guys do great transcripts of the weekly comms and that does a lot for those of us that don’t have half an hour at a time to watch them all the way through- something CIG should have considered a long time ago.

    Keep on, keepin’ on!

  6. BakedBunney

    As “Acheron Attacks” said, my exact thinking as well…

    Apart from that, keep up the great work, keep it relaxed, and don’t take yourself’s too seriously!

  7. Gaz

    Best thing is you didn’t mention ‘the idiot’

    If everyone did this then he wouldn’t be anything more than an annoying blip :)

  8. StarCitizenSuperSecretShill

    good read and I love you guys at INN you are doing amazing cool shill stuff and I enjoy all your shill transcripts. Of course I am the only real super secret Star Citizen shill so you get my shill endorsement let’s shill together forever!
    <3 INN
    PS I will shill a few bucks to your shill Patreon so we can all shill together some more!

    (this shill message is not an actual shill confession and is rather a shill parody so don't shill me)

    • WolfLarsenSC

      Thanks for helping us ensure we rank #1 on Google for ‘Star Citizen Shill’!

  9. Sao Saoldian

    Congrats! The snake oil is delish! Healed all my Star Citizen woes. 10 out of 10, would click again!

  10. Jon1812 (not my actual name)

    Hear, hear! Well said!
    You guys do great work and the community appreciates you. People aren’t used to seeing a game surrounded by b so much passion and it confuses them.
    We simply want to support a cause that will jumpstart the next wave of quality in gaming.

  11. PoisonedAl .

    Well I think you’re all paid shills and this game is going to fail. You’re all going to lose all your money.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish covering the walls of my cell with my own shit.

  12. Jstalker

    In regards to Branching Out, I’d say be aware of your branding. INN is the Imperial News Network. Where it’s probably OK to cover other “Space Sims” and related Sci-Fi games, if you move to genres unrelated to SC, you might want to brand your division covering those games under another name, especially if that coverage becomes as prominent as what you do for SC.

    On another note, there’s plan to have actual Star Citizen “in-game” news coverage. Reliant news van and the Herald comes to mind. Is INN considering covering events in the PU down the line and reporting them on their web platform? Sounds like a good next step to me.

    Cheers! And see you in the verse.

    • WolfLarsenSC

      Excellent points, and something we’ve been wondering about as well. We definitely have goals around in-game news coverage and this could definitely make things very confusing if we are both an ‘in-game/fictional news organization’ and a real-world gaming news organization.

    • Dolvak

      As wolf didn’t mention this part.

      “On another note, there’s plan to have actual Star Citizen “in-game” news coverage. Reliant news van and the Herald comes to mind. Is INN considering covering events in the PU down the line and reporting them on their web platform? Sounds like a good next step to me.”

      Yes totally 100%

  13. Grizz

    I’d rather give RSI my gaming entire budget every month than send a single dollar towards EA. And I’d rather get my Star Citizen news from INN where I know the authers have the whole picture after countless houres pouring over every pieve of material CIG puts out.

    *puts on INN shirt and goes back to pressing F5 on the ship sale page.*

  14. StarHunter

    Here’s a dare. Do an honest review of LOD covering the original concept of the game, the current state, and future plans. No comparing things to SC, only released or soon to be released in the summer games. Maybe have one of the guys do a little video playing it. There should be plenty to show in the LOD since the game was suppose to come out in June 2012.

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