May 28

MVP INNterview – Ungineer


Joysticks, spaceships, CAD work, fusion reactors, hell – I spent four hours talking to this guy. It was a good time. I recorded a little over an hour for the Q&A, and then we went off the rails. Ungineer is one of those guys that you can waste a day and still feel like you […]

May 25

BRIMSTONE part 10: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Brimstone part 10

Every thief  must have a buyer, someone not too picky about certificates of ownership. For those who pirate their way across space, a fence was an indispensible necessity; a connection to buyers with cash to spend. But the bigger the prize, the bigger the risk, with everything on the line.

May 16

MVP INNterview – Hasgaha


So I just get off the phone with my friend, ranting about the gaming industry and their take on slipshod games. It’s another session of annoyance over this and that, and all I’m reminded of in the meantime is how much faith I’ve put in Star Citizen. They offer to create the best of both […]

May 11

BRIMSTONE part 9: Preacher, Prophet, Soldier, Spy

Brimstone part 9

It is said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But sometimes the only way to unravel a horrific event is to re-live it, to open old scars. It is a path not into the light but into deep, abysmal darkness; to the burned-out grave of the Nek… and what […]

May 8

Creating the world’s top Star Citizen shill site

Snakeoil Salesman

In case you missed it last week the man behind the shill, a nerdy, 40-something year old dinosaur of the digital & interactive business was revealed. I’m sure everyone will have a difficult time understanding why I game, and sometimes blog about gaming, under an alternative identity once they’ve discovered my true identity, and all […]

May 5

MVP INNterview – MikeWillisUK


Another day, another question. Ravenously tapping upon the keyboard there’s yet another stumble. Chris Roberts made a comment on how ejecting will be handled a while back, but its lost in the ether of the internet and hours of footage. Without the quote, it’s difficult to make the point. If only there was an easy […]