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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 90

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Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 90 – Full Transcript

  • And they’re live! Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 90. I see Ben, Disco, Justin, Tyler, and Alexis.
  • They’re going to do Week in Review, an update on 2.4, questions, and then look ahead.
  • Week in Review – Ben: Busiest week in a long time. Design kick off for two ships he can’t talk about. Design update kick off for Ursa Rover (interior has to be done). Thinking heavily about rovers. Final concept art for the MISC Prospector came in.
  • Two look devs of the Drake Buccaneer came in. Lots of sales and marketing stuff – promos and offers for the next while being worked out.
  • Did Batgirl’s show, with Sandi and Ben this week.
  • Started off the week with Secret Missions II play through. They all got haircuts. Ben got a tattoo yesterday. Wanted to get the Paladins prisoner tattoo from Wing Commander movie. So he got that.
  • Disco is combing Ben’s hair right now…
  • And Ben is talking about Wing Commander.
  • the tattoo is a very obscure Wing Commander reference.
  • Ben also went and saw Folk singer Bob Hillman.
  • Alexis’ Week in Review: Quiet week this week. Nothing crazy fun to report, business as usual.
  • Tyler’s Week in Review: Status Quo. Getting set up in the recording room, looking to get a better setup tomorrow. Will be livestreaming from the Austin studio tomorrow on Tyler’s personal channel. They’ll be painting a wall green. Literally watch them paint the wall green.
  • Still getting into the swing of things. Getting caught up on a community hub backlog. All the MVP’s are on there now. Going through forum appeals, working with moderators, etc…
  • Mr. Hasgaha tags Disco all the time in his tweets, and also got MVP
  • Justin’s Week: Did a lot. Normal AtV 10 ft Chairman, etc… So not a lot. Just the usual.
  • Working on another 10 ft Chairman for next week as well.
  • Brian Chambers interview this week was the first part, next week is the second part. With Brian Chambers you just ask him a question and get out of the way and he talks.
  • Disco’s Week: Basically everyone else’s week. He deals with the stuff they deal with. He’s excited for what’s coming from Turbulent. It’ll all tie into bringing external chat into the game, they have a ‘neat twist’ on that that they’re excited about.
  • Patch 2.4 update!
  • Continuing development. This segment was poorly planned. They can’t say what’s in it yet, because they still don’t know what’ll be in it. But work continues.
  • QA’s been testing 2.4, it’s on ‘feature lock’, but that doesn’t mean features can’t be taken out. Lots depends on the stability.
  • Lots of new QA team members have been hammering on it, it’s getting better daily.
  • And that’s it for the 2.4 update.
  • Questions and Answers!
  • [When did you get the new lobby door?] Just got it working yesterday. It’s been in there since they got there though. It’s made of wood, the same wood as a normal door. It’s just hooked up to a garage door opener. So not an expensive door.
  • Lobby is done, Chris will do a lobby walkthrough when he gets back from the UK likely, show it off to the community soon.
  • [For players not in PTU, what’s the best way to get in on the next PTU?] Lots of factors go into PTU selection. Will Leverett’s ironed it out. Equals to participation on the Issue Council. That’s a good way.
  • Make sure bug reports are detailed, replicate able, etc… provide quality feedback. PTU is for testing, not for looking at things early.
  • [Where are the tongs?] They’re on Disco’s desk.
  • [When will we get info about Connie Auroras?] Aquila? They’ve been talking about the plans for that this week. Working on scheduling the variants. It will probably be the first variant that gets addressed.
  • [Dragonfly fits in a Cutlass or Freelancer?] Don’t believe so, but maybe. Won’t know till it’s built out. It’s not intended to go in though. ‘Maybe you can jam it in there’ – Ben
  • [Is Jared a Vampire?] Ben’s never seen him in the sun.
  • Disco’s okay with being an old fat vampire.
  • Justin says Vampires can lose weight, because Vampires get really sexy when they get bit.
  • Disco says they remain how you are.
  • They’re seriously having a discussion about vampires. I’ll pick this up when the topic changes.
  • [Who remembers Roughneck Chronicles?] Brian Chambers worked on it. ‘Tell him to finish it’ – Ben
  • Tyler is getting messages that there is a fat hairy vampire on True Blood.
  • [Fast-forward details?] This week’s fast forward was a look at work the audio team is doing on EVA thrusters. The volume was raised quite a bit to highlight it. Lots of work on AI controlled vector thrust… stuff.
  • [Coupon?] Not gone out yet. Turbulent are working on it right now, should be later today.
  • [Razer Manowar?] They don’t know what that is.
  • Ben’s imagining a jellyfish you put your fingers in.
  • Sandi has arrived.
  • They’ll be in the same spot for Gamescom as they were in last year (booth-wise)
  • They’re going to lock down their floor both next week, and start getting art and such done.
  • [Expect a rework of the holotable soon?] yes.
  • [How is the Polaris coming together?] It’s coming together. They’ve picked an art direction they like. They have a basic shape, going to work out details now.
  • It’s an ‘interesting shape’. Not what you’d expect, but it’s cool. Should surprise people.
  • [Still need QA in Austin?] Hiring in all studios. Go to cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs
  • 4 new QA started this week in Austin.
  • [CIG is Awesome] Thank you!
  • [Will owners of the Orion get a MISC Prospector to test?] Won’t necessarily go in before the Orion. Orion’s still being developed too. In a theoretical future scenario where the Prospector’s available and the Orion not, they’d give a Prospector.
  • [What is it with the evocati. What is it and why do you need it?] It’s a new NDA-clad ‘strike team’, early stuff. Stuff they want to test without everyone seeing it at once. It doesn’t change the process of what they’ve been doing; they wait till a patch gets to lots of internal milestones before it hits the public. What they’re doing is add another step before PTU. Changes nothing. It’s just a tool folks in QA asked for.
  • [Can you assure us that when there are barber shops there won’t be any reference to the Barber Shop movies?] They’re not ready to add barber shops yet. But they’ll keep it in mind.
  • [Mousepads?] They’ll do more in the future. They had some new ones available last week, but those are sold out, and they have another design, a new art design, but those’ll come in the future.
  • They’ve offended the ‘vampire’ community apparently.
  • [Prospector better cockpit view than Freelancer?] Similar, but until they make it, they won’t know.
  • Sandi is now feeding Tyler a sprite. Through the internet. They’re being silly.
  • The lobby door is white on both sides.
  • [What’s in 2.4?] Cant’ say yet. They don’t want to say something’s in and having something cut out. But they’re being very ‘persistent’ with their progress.
  • They’re mixing the SQ42 soundtrack right now. Place where Peter Gabriel recorded.
  • Disco started singing.
  • [Ship sale? military ships? Why those?] It’s tax day! That’s what the UEE spends their tax on, and that’s what folks here can too. Fun to bring back some of the flyable military ships. And lots of people forgot the Gladiator exists.
  • They ate doughnuts today.
  • [Concierge flair?] Attributed last week. It doesn’t show up on the website, it’s just in your hangar. If you have the concierge badge, you get the flair automatically.
  • Greenscreen Photo – You can extract the background files from Wing Commander I. So they’re going to take a picture of Ben in front of Ben in front of a green screen so he can be a talking head in Wing Commander.
  • [How bad is the barber shop movie?] They haven’t seen the new one yet. Hennessy’s coming out. Sandi’s going to do work. Hennessy thinks the barber shop movies are good fun comedy.
  • Hennessy’s so mad. He likes the barber shop.
  • Toast is in. They’re all pretending he still works there. Toast ‘where else would I be?’
  • Toast marches to the beat of his own trumpet.
  • [VR?] They had a nice bit from Brian Chambers 2 weeks ago. No work on VR at the time.
  • Toast went and grabbed his stapler and showed up. He’s around the table now.
  • VR – It’s a priority thing. VR effects 5% of the community, it’s still on the list, but working on things that affect the whole community first.
  • Also, VR adds a lot to the testing matrix, so it makes more sense to add it later, and test it with things that are done, not re-test it every time something else gets added.
  • Lando had a good answer yesterday in an interview. ‘Game development is a subset of programming. Sometimes you try something, then you have a better idea. You don’t always come up with the best solution the first time around. If you were to give a solid ‘when’ answer, it means you’re out of ideas. There’s always a possibility of looking at something and realising you could do something better.’
  • [Does Barber Shop really cost money to watch? Or is it something people get paid to see?] Hennessy’s coming back.
  • [Make the Starfarer video had great lighting. Will the game have the same lighting?] Disco talked to Nathan Diersly. AI based flare system was implemented for that video. AI determines where flares should go, and yes, they’re working on putting that into the game.
  • [Starmap in April?] Trying to find better quality tubes to ship them in. Got finished samples this week, they look cool. RSI logo on the back. They’ll know closer to the end of the month, probably shipping in May.
  • Hennessy has the worst taste in films. He has defended Batman v Superman and Barber Shop, didn’t like Serenity.
  • [Oliser expanding in 2.4?] Not sure about 2.4, but Ben’s seen expanded stuff for the future.
  • Tyler wishes he could talk more about 2.4
  • [Was hennessy joking or does he actually like barbershop?] He’s not joking. @angryjimmy films on Twitter. Hit him up and discuss why those movies are bad.
  • No updates on the HOTAS, just waiting on the production prototype.
  • [Will there be an ILS system?] Yes.
  • [Do the silver box collector’s editions get starmaps?] They have a folded star map inside. It’s different from the rolled one. But if you have a collector’s box, you get a folded star map included.
  • Looking Ahead!
  • Full steam ahead on the Prospector, going to launch that on the 22nd. Still waiting for some art and some design tweaks, but confident. There are some sales right now. Discount track jackets, military ships, etc…
  • Anyone who clicked on the April Fools joke to buy a Benny’s skin will get a 5$ coupon later today (if you were signed in)
  • They’re working more on 2.4. Probably no release next week, but who knows. 10 ft Chairman on Monday, Bugsmashers Wednesday, second half of Brian Chambers interview in AtV, possibly a Which Glitch.
  • Chris is off to the UK to work on SQ42 for the next few weeks, so no more 10 ft Chairman’s after this week for a few weeks.
  • With the prospector there’ll be a Q&A, the week following. The next Monthly Subscriber RtV is next week as well. Also there’s Jump Point tonight.
  • Tomorrow they’re all going out to celebrate Ben’s birthday. Sandi organized a dinner and a movie. My birthday’s tomorrow too. Happy Birthday Erris and Ben!
  • And that’s been Reverse the ‘Verse. Pay your taxes. or don’t. Jared don’t care.

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